Monday, December 21, 2009

VENUS 2 (70-95) --VENUS 2 RX (70-95)

AXIS VENUS 2 (70-95) @ 95 all up
AXIS VENUS 2 RX (70-95) @ 95 all up

Launching the glider is moderate but easy when there is a gentle breeze. In strong wind the glider come up fast and it should be stopped before it goes far.

In the air the normal version and RX version feels very well loaded. The glider is very well pressurized. You can feel its power, but without the aggressive surges .The RX version has a more sharp feeling due to the thin lines. The normal version felt softer.
Both are excellent in finding lift as the VENUS 2 has an outstanding and easy way to find lift and climb effortlessly, without any struggle from the wing regardless of the turbulent conditions .Even in smooth air the VENUS 2 climb like no other wing in its category. Very close to the PEAK.

RATE for climbing strong conditions: 9/10. RATE for climb in very weak conditions. 9.5/10.

If I would like to rate this glider for comfort in the air, I would give the VENUS 2 Small normal version 8/10, and the RX version 7/10.

The handling and brake pressure of the VENUS 2 certified version is perfect .Not hard like the TRANGO 3 ,and not soft like the ASPEN 3 .It feels more like the ARTIC 2 in terms of brake pressure. As for the RX version it is a little hard than the normal version, but with a direct feel and a shorter brake travel, and a much better precision.
RATE for the normal version for precise turns: 8.5/10 and for the RX version 9.5/10

The glide performance of the two versions looks similar with a slight advantage for the RX version at 45 km/h and more.

After testing some latest EN-D gliders till(07-2009), the VENUS 2 could have the edge in glide and especially "efficiency" in racing. Glide in calm air looks close to 9.6

To describe the VENUS 2 in one word: "EFFICIENCY" in all conditions! at its best.

Easy controllable glider with outstanding performances .

The trim speed is around 40 km/h .The glider cuts through the air like a knife and converts very easy the small bubbles and thermals into lift, without back and forward oscillations.

It is very difficult to miss a thermal flying this excellent machine.

I keep wondering why this wing is not so popular…It should be purchased like no other…

Conclusion: Could be the most efficient and performing glider in 2009.


  1. Hello Ziad,
    I need your opinion about Venus II:
    do you have received a big step between a DHV2 and this wing?
    In terms of handling and security, do you think that fully belong to the higher category or it is an intermediate?

  2. Hello,
    Sorry for being late to answer.I did not see the comment.
    As for the VENUS 2 ,it is a very good EN-D glider.It is not a dhv 2 .This glider can convert any lift to a great climb quickly.Unlike all dhv 2's.You can feel that you are flying a very efficient EN-D glider . The dhv 2 gliders will give you a safer and mellower feeling (not
    sharp) than the VENUS 2.But i have to tell you also that the VENUS 2 is an easy glider bettween EN-D's.
    The VENUS 2 has a different profile than dhv 2's .It is intended to be a race machine within the EN-D cat.
    All the best,

  3. And of course it is not an intermediate glider.

  4. Interesting wings. If will not take itself Mystic 2, stopped for VENUS 2.)))))

  5. Tank you Ziad,
    my question was about your feeling about Venus 2 position within EN-D cat.
    I need more speed, an agile wing but normally I fly close to the ground (20-100mt)in weak conditions but with strong winds, and I prefer a machine not only specific for race but more for XC.
    Maybe Venus 2 could be the right choise..
    I will make a personal test.

  6. Hi,
    It is better to try the RX version of the venus 2 @ near upper weight limit.This version has trimmers ,and they are very interesting if you open the first 2 cm .You can cut throught the strong wind efficiently.
    All the best,

  7. Hi, Ziad!
    Reading your Venus II review only (not having the opportunity to test-fly it ! ), I'm now the very happy owner of this incredible wing !
    Thank you, for your work, Ziad !!! I am now one of many-many, who appreciate it !!!


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