Friday, September 26, 2014

Air Design RISE 2

Air Design RISE 2 M ( The surprise ! )

My last AD gliders VOLT as a C and the Rise 1 as a B. The RISE 2 is the new replacement for the B pilots.

The AD RISE 2 has a very beautiful and clean construction . The sewings on the glider and the way it is built is very neat.

Launching the RISE 2 is no more demanding as a school glider. The glider inflates and wait for the pilot to act.

In the air and first thermal the RISE 2 brake pressure is medium to heavy if you pull more than 40 cm . But the glider is steered with only 15 cm as an efficient brake travel ! It is a relatively moderate to agile glider.
The brake fan is designed to give you complete accuracy in order to carve it into thermals. I have flown this glider from weak to strong conditions, and i can easily recommend that glider as first entry to the high B class for its easiness and coolness in flight. For sure the RISE 2 is designed for big air ! The comfort is amazing …

To talk about the climb rate, i had to fly next to a Mentor 3 at the same loadings . After many weak and strong thermals, i can confirm that the climb is excellent and very similar in all kind of thermals including the difficult ones when stuck in the sea breeze !

Doing several glides more than 7 km each ! next to a Mentor 3 S (videos soon) ,showed also a similar glide angle for both , which is impressive for the RISE 2 !

Big ears are difficult to hold, especially at bar. The speed system is fairly medium to light and can get the RISE 2 M at 100 all up and 1000 ASL at 10 km/h over trim speed.

Conclusion :
The AD RISE 2 M is truly a remarkable glider for the overall performances it delivers and the huge amount of comfort it carries ! This is an impressive successful package ! For sure the top speed is a bit low and the brakes are slightly heavy…But no pilot on the RISE 2 will ever blame the wing on its into wind performance efficiency for the B class and especially on it's comfort caracteristic . Hat’s off to Air Design for that particular creation.



  1. Hi Ziad,

    An interesting wing. Why do you think the big ears are unstable? To discourage the pilot from using it or is it a design weakness?


    1. Hi Tom,
      The design is perfect !. The ears with the outside A's are unstable.
      It will work if you use the outside B lines .You must have long arms and have to reach far away to get them down a bit.

  2. OLÁ ZIAB. Sou do Brasil - São Paulo - e voo com um aircross ufly e pretendo voar com um planador mais eficiente. Há tantos modelos e marcas que fico confuso.
    QUERO um parapente que seja: PRIMEIRO: COM BASTANTE SEGURANÇA PASSIVA - SEGUNDO: que tenha bom desempenho.

    Você pode me ajudar.


  3. Hi Ziab,
    Which size and weight did you tried? I wonder in 96 kg will be enought for the 26.


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