Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ozone Swift 4 SM

Ozone Swift 4  SM

After test flying the Rush 4 here’s is the light version the Swift ready to take off…

Launching is even smoother and very easy.

First turn and i was immediately smiling :-)   The brake travel is medium to short with excellent precision and linear feel through the pull.  After testing the D2,A2,Buzz Z4, Rush 4, M6, Ozone really never missed a good handling. The Swift have nothing less is turning ability .

This superb handling is coupled by a very pitch neutral behavior ! After many flights i can confirm that the Swift is smoother than the Rush 4 in thermals. It doesn’t move around as much as the Rush 4 !  It feels like the same difference between Delta 2 and Alpina 2. The Swift 4 is more comfortable to fly and even more efficient in climb rate in weak conditions than the Rush 4 !

The accelerator pull is smooth and has a medium to low pressure .In full accelerated mode which is fully usable, the Swift 4 is very stable and has an impressive glide !

Totally usable and confidence inspiring, the Swift is a glider for adventure flights in some remote areas where the pilot should expect a comforting feel under his glider.

Ears are stable, and landing is very easy with good low speed capability.

Conclusion: The only thing i wished for is a faster trim and top speed. The Swift has the same trim speed as the Rush 4 which is less a bit from the concurrence . But the glide angle fully accelerated is on top of the category for the same speed at least.


  1. anxious waiting for the first reviews
    to renew my old swift

  2. Dear Ziad,
    If you compare the Swift with the Gin Atlas X-Alps, which wing glides and climbs better?
    I am looking very much forward to your test of the new Iota and a comparison with Swift and Atlas X-Alps!
    Thanks a lot, Lisa

    1. Hi Liza, Sorry for the late reply...Yes for sure the Swift 4 has one of the best climb rate in this category...

  3. Dear Ziad,
    if you have to choose between the Swift 4 and the Ikuma 4 P (light version) which one would you suggest? Currently I'm flying a Nova Prion 3.

    1. Hi,
      I didn't fly the light Ikuma.but the Swift 4 is an excellent glider no doubt about that . Cheers

  4. Hi sir,
    thanks for the fast response to my inquire. my problem is that up until now I have only flown A level wings and now I'm looking for a light wing in the B-B+ level and for me it is very difficult to decide what to get. any suggestion is highly appreciate. By the way congrats for the high quality blog content and the impartiality of your comments.



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