Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tripple 7 Rook M & NOVA Mentor 2 S


  1. Awesome video. I can't wait to read the comments on the Rook. Some pilots have alluded on the paragliding forum that the Rook is a "copy" of the Mentor 2. I don't agree with this based on construction, use of all unsheathed lines and the "Shark Nose" leading edge. Still I will like to know how it compares in handling and ease of flight.

    I still believe the Mentor 2 is one of the hardest wings to fly within the EN-B category, quite frankly feeling harder than some EN-Cs. I am leaning toward the Blacklight based on your review and comments from other pilots that have flown both the Mentor 2 and the BL. I am still curious about the Rook though, especially since the Large only goes to 120 Kg versus the BL at 125 Kg and the Mentor 2 at 130 Kg. I would be flying the Rook at the top or maybe even 2-3 Kg over depending on gear.

    I am within the 125 of the BL (at 123 Kg) mainly based on the BL being a little wing compared to the Mentor 2.


  2. sounds all really nice and i agree having flown them too. but before you make your decision get your hands on a new gradient nevada - i had to order one in the end... :-))

    1. Swiki, why is that ?
      I am also thinking about Blacklight, Mentor2 and Nevada. And I'd love to hear why you decided for Nevada over the other 2 gliders. Thanks!

  3. Any comments about ROOK? Give us some feedback. Please ... How this wing fly, and if it is worth the attention.


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