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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Mac Para Verve 23

Mac Para Verve 23 

This year I attended the Coupe Icare with my family and did some interviews with manufacturers as best as I could. Mac Para had a glider for me that I returned with me to test fly. 
The Verve is Mac Para new 2 liner EN-C glider. 
The Verve has semi-light cloth and the size 23 weighs around 4.00 kg for a weight range of 84-97. 
The shape in the air looks cool. The Verve has winglets on both sides. 

Launching the Verve 23 at 94 all up is very straightforward, without any hard points. It is easy to launch and the take-off is quick. 
In the air, the brake pressure is on the moderate/light side.  
As I’m a picky person concerning brake authority and agility...
The Verve has slightly longer brake travel than the Elan 3, with a bit less sharp control. All the feedback comes from the risers, not the brakes. The roll and overall movements are present without being disturbing. Just like on the Scala 2.
Saying that the brake authority on the Verve is quite present with a moderate and acceptable agility in thermals. The sharp brake reactions and dynamics found on the Elan 3 are much tamer on the Verve. Perhaps for many pilots, it's a plus, as it would feel more easy to use! but for my personal picky taste, I felt that the Elan 3 brake pressure and overall, felt a bit more connected to my own way of flying.  
My friend on the Verve who is used to his Boom 12 size M said that the brake authority was fine for him and the Verve agility was quite ok for his own preference.  

Flying the Verve 23 at 96 in the very weak and broken lift needs a high concentration to stay in that lift, as the Verve didn’t feel like a floater in those tiny, weak thermals.  
When thermals and conditions are very homogenous, above 1 m/s, the Verve climbs well, and the difference between the other 2 liner C’s are negligible. 

In more disorganized thermals, the Verve needs slightly more time to get itself in a 'ready to climb' mode.  I flew the Verve for hours, then gave it to my friend, and I took a Photon MS, the same size at 94 all up.  This way alternating gliders, each one of us will feel and see much better the differences. 
In moderate turbulence and a bit weak multi-core thermals, the Photon could be turned narrower into the core, gaining quick heights, but my skilled friend is not far away on the Verve and catching up once the thermals get cleaner.  Just a bit more time to get hooked on that light lift. 
The Overall movements under the Verve are quite similar to the Elan 3 and not more demanding. My 2 liner C comparison is updated for more details if needed. 

The strong point of that Verve is the glide at trim and at full bar compared to the Photon in calm air or in smooth transitions! 
 I think the Verve is a competitive glider in gliding mode and could match the Photon at the trim and at the full bar!  The full speed is also similar on both gliders I have over here!    
Ears are doable with outer B’s. The B riser steering has moderate pressure and it is quite efficient to control the Verve when speeding on the bar! 

The Verve felt like an easier Elan 3, with better performances. I’ve heard that the certification got a high number of B’s…which could cheer up some pilots, especially those coming to that category of 2-liners after their full season on a 3-liner C.  So Macpara enthusiasts looking for a racing glider got their Christmas present! Happy flights!