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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Mac Para Magus XC 2

The MAGUS XC 2 was already available in may 2011 to order, but I wasn’t able to get any Mac Para glider.
Now I have one to test fly.
The construction of the XC2 is superb. This glider is manufactured in GIN factory. In fact, putting the Boom GTO and the Magus XC 2 close on the ground, shows an identical sail finish.
There’s some Mylar on the leading edge and some plastic reinforcements.
Launching this glider with 6.8 AR is relatively easy for that category, and I didn’t find any thing unusual about it, but finding myself quickly airborne even in light wind take off.
I flew the XC 2 25 (82-100) at 97 all up, in some weak and other turbulent conditions, and here’s what I found:
The XC 2 move as a bloc above my head and it can be a bit disconcerting at first, because of the easiness of flight!
I thought a 6.8 AR will have to be a bit more twitchy! But it is not.
The feeling of comfort under the XC 2 reminds me of the Omega 8, which is smooth and predictable.
It does have some roll movements without being overmanageable or annoying.Just as it should to make the most out of the conditions.

The handling is nice but not too agile like some EN-C gliders .I think it has a very nice and coordinated handling for a 6.8 EN-D glider.
The glider feel taught in the middle more than the extremities, so that the pressure for inducing big ears is very light and the ears stays in place and needs a dab on each side to get them open.

As with every glider this is the best part that the pilots will read with open eyes ;-)
After flying with some recent gliders in the same category, I found the Magus XC2 to be very competitive and the 10-figure number on L/D is manageable. The strong point of the XC 2 is its climb rate.
I can put this glider in the box of the special ones. Let me explain:
There are some gliders who doesn’t have the best glide ratio or the best climb rate on paper, but these gliders are always compensating for those numbers standing by their pilots …
I mean if I am going XC with some 12 L/D glider and encounter a low point with turbulent and difficult small thermal without the possibility to get the most out of it, I might land.
But the XC2 is among those gliders that really do compensate for pilot errors or thermal disorder, and stays level waiting to get up high again.
Eventually all gliders will land but my feeling is that with the XC2, the chances are just a bit better, especially in disorganized thermal activity.

Gliding at 50 % of the bar travel is easy with a relatively soft speed system, and at 100% the glide remain impressive with a pressurized taught feel !

Among the recent EN-D’s I have tested (8) ,the Magus XC 2 is indeed a special glider with balanced behavior !
It will be my favorite as the Omega 8 is.

The Magus XC 2 is an amazing glider for EN-D pilots, or even talented pilots coming from the EN-C category, will find a glider that can help them achieve their goals in a smooth way.

Test report soon.