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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Unfolding the glider shows a very neat job. Amazed by this excellent and surely durable construction which is a classic one with A lines attached near the leading edge, and not far as the R-10.3.There is no plastic inserts, only Mylar on the side panels. I was really wondering what would it feel in the air! Here it is…

Launching is very easy for a 7.3 ar. Even kiting the glider feels that it has homogeneous movements .In the air the glider moves more than most EN-D I have tested, but much less than the R10.3.The glider feel well tensioned and all together. The brake has medium to short travel. The “pressure” reminds me of the Mantra R-10.3, but with a shorter brake travel.

When the thermals are disorganized the handling and the way to put the glider wherever you want is average, considering that a am a fan of very agile gliders, but when you are inside the thermals, the glider can be described as agile, and it can help you also center the thermal!! . It is the second SKY-COUNTRY glider I have tested to have this extraordinary behavior. The R-10 .3 has a better handling in calm air, but the EVO-X has better handling inside the thermal with a much more homogenous feel. And as a reminder this glider is intended for experienced pilots, and getting out of a thermal suddenly will let you feel that you must be awake. Most EN-D wings will have a mellower pitch feeling in exiting the thermals.

When encountering thermals, you feel that you are under a high aspect ratio glider but it does not feel like a comp glider and to my surprise without any excess movements. The glider does transmit with the risers that vibrate in turbulent conditions. The R-10.3 moves much more with a sharper handling.

The stall point of the EVO-X comes quickly a little below the hips. Big ears with one line are stable .If you pull more lines, the ears will flap a little but without oscillations and are quite usable if the conditions are not too turbulent .

At 93 all up the glider spiral ability can be entered quickly. Landing is a non-event. Just have to bear in mind the glide ability.

The accelerator on the comp trims is hard to pull ,just like the Venus 2 S .When pulling it the glider feel a little roll unstable .At first bar the C's slide upward (the labeled version have the "C" locked and only iy pulls the A's and B's .The comp version is fast ! It is less usable and stable or friendly user ,like on the Omega 8,Peak 2 or the GTO M .
I will try the labeled version and post the results.

As for performance,this glider will compete easily with the new EN-D generation .
The R-10.3 is a step higher in performance and climb .

Conclusion: The EVO-X amazed me being a docile glider  for an aspect ratio of 7.3 !
This glider can be turned tightly inside the thermals and is relatively easy to manage for a comp glider.
I have installed the certified risers to see the difference.At trim it is practically the same, but at bar the certified risers are more usable and the glider is more stable .May be this is due to the sliding C’s upward on the comp version. The C’s on the certified version doesn't move,it is the A’s and B’s that goes down.But it is still hard.

The minuses:
*Accelerator is hard
*Performance is ok for an EN-D glider ,may be I was expecting more for a 7.3 AR glider especially accelerated.

The pluses:
*Incredibly homogenous glider for an AR of 7.3 !
*Stable on ears
*Quite a fun factor !
*Easy to manage

More pictures@

The differences are: (1-5) with 1 being excellent

Comfort in moving the air:

1-Peak 2

2-GTO “M”

3-Omega 8 25

4-EVO-X 24

5-Mantra R-10.3 S

Handling and maneuverability in average conditions "with thermals":

1- Omega 8 25

2-Mantra R-10.3 S

3-EVO-X 24/ Peak 2 24


Handling in still air:

1-Omega 8 25

2- EVO-X 24

3-Mantra R-10 S


Easiness in flight:

1-Peak 2 24


3-Omega 8 25

4-EVO-X 24

5-Mantra R-10.3

Stable ears:

1-Omega 8 25 (Stable)

2- EVO-X 24 (Stable )

3-GTO M (a little unstable)

4-Peak 2 24 (Not stable)

5- Mantra R-10.3 (Not stable)

A little video of the EVO-X in the air:

Video on performance vs GTO M