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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Construction: The glider is made like all new generation gliders, with light cloth and plastic red bendable rods on the leading edge like the ones used on the new NOVA wings.
Flying the M size 90-110 at 100 all up.
Launching the glider in every condition is very natural and easy ,without any hanging back or shooting forward. As easy as it gets !
Just after take off, the glider showed a spicy but polite roll behavior.
First thermal and turning this glider is quite nice for the EN-A category.
Its agile handling surprised me!
It can be steered easily even at the mid weight, and climbs are average to good. The accelerator is smooth and can be pushed easily, but its travel is short and limited to pass the EN-A cat.
Big ears are easy and non-event.
Conclusion: I found the HONEY to be targeted for talented beginners who wants to get nice handling and feedback, with an EN-A safety !