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Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Hook 3  ( The Wise Buddha)

Flew the HOOK 3 25 today at 97 all up. Conditions were windy and a bit turbulent.
NIVIUK has only one category EN-B.And i was curious to see where could they insert the HOOK 3 ?
Launching in light wind requires a steady pull until it settles above your head.
Immediately after launch,i noticed the following .
If i found the Eden 5 to be comfortable then i have to say that the HOOK 3 is even 'more' comfortable. Amazing what can they do with those new gliders.

The handling is similar to the Eden 5 .Linear but little more precise .This interesting leading edge is quite amazing ! I couldn't feel the active air and the movements of the glider above my head were very limited,as if i was on a low EN-B wing !
Among all the latest B's the HOOK 3 is now the most comfortable ! ...What can i say ??  Each glider seems to have more positive character and i must write it as it is !
The climbing in weak conditions is average,the glider needs a bit of time to climb at my loading, but in tricky and shaky conditions it is good .
The HOOK 3 can be turned into a dime in the most trickiest conditions and it will obey your every input.
The accelerator is fairly light and it can be pushed easily through the rough stuff  ! No worries ...I mean it is very usable !
Now the best part is 'its performance' .

It seems that every glider i test fly delivers some surprise...
After 5 long glides with a Mentor 3,(Video coming soon) ,in calm air,and in head wind glides ,i was always very,very near as if they have the same glide angle !
The M3 could have the edge in 'efficiency' in head wind of difficult conditions,to cut and climb dynamically better, but the easiness of this beautiful machine is outstanding !
Twice easier than the most performant B glider !

Further test will be carried for sure,in order to update my 'B' comparison.  but i was surprised by the amount of comfort coupled with a glide of excellence !
Low EN-B pilots will surely have no problem upgrading into this 'zen' glider !
Many high end-B's will deliver nice amount of performances but with the Hook 3 those performances are reached with a Zen attitude :-)