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Saturday, July 6, 2013

ADVANCE Epsilon 7

Advance Epsilon 7 26

Like always, ADVANCE products have a nice unwrapping pleasure.

The quality of construction and finishing touches are present.

I still remember the E 6 when I tested it years ago, and I was keen to find out the new E7 as ADVANCE has changed its designer, and I was curious for that new product.



Very easy, just straight without any delays. really simple.

In the air:

Taking off with the E7 26 at 93 all up just next to the top weight.

The E 7 inspires confidence immediately after take off. It has a very taut feeling like a very solid piece of concrete.

Saying that, it has still some filtered light roll movements telling its VIP passenger to sit back, relax, have a pillow ;-), and enjoy the ride.

I flew that glider in some difficult and turbulent conditions to conclude that the confidence inspiring feeling is very strong!

Describing the E7 character in the air is like flying inside a Boeing 777 in those front VIP seats!

Turning ability in thermals is very nice as the brakes are relatively short, precise and I found the E 7 to be a pleasure to steer for a demanding pilot as I am… J

It is not a dull glider at all when it comes to steering the E7! It is a relatively satisfying experience even for experienced pilots.

Pitch movements are nearly absent .The roll movements are present but with a very limited angle.

The climb rate is very good for the category even loaded and I think that the handling and stability of the E7 will allow its pilot to place it among the top B’s in the gaggle.

Inducing some frontals and asymmetric collapses,

does in fact show a very gentle and calm behavior of the E7 .


The trim speed of the E7 at 93 seems near 38.5 km/h less than some high end B’s .At full bar which is light and very easy to reach showed me a max speed near the 50’s. Applying first and second bar doesn’t seems to deteriorate the E7 glide angle, which surprised me!

In calm air the E7 could be easily competitive with the high end B cat.

It is in head wind and difficult conditions or low in a valley breeze that the E7 will struggle a bit. It needs more time to cut through.

Ears are stable and reopen quickly.

Pushing the accelerator in turbulence showed me a strong leading edge and a very solid structure.


If you are a pilot moving into the B category, here you will find a welcoming glider that will enable you to have immense pleasure quite safely.

The E7 can take you comfortably in strong days very high above peaks. This glider is made to make you smile. I only hoped for a higher trim speed…

On my interview with Mr Chapuis, in Saint Hilaire, and after asking him what will happen after the designers has been replaced, he replied:

There is no glider with a designer name there is an ADVANCE glider.

It is very true. They have changed the designer but their team made by top pilots is very strong and consolidated, that the Epsilon 7 inherited the knowhow and the character of a solid ADVANCE team.