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Saturday, November 26, 2011


NIVIUK Artic 3

One of my favorite gliders at the time was the Artic 2,which I flew for a year .I appreciated its efficiency in the air and it’s beautiful handling. I was waiting for the Artic 3 to see what the designer has been cooking. And finally it arrived!

The glider has no Mylar like on the Artic 2. Instead light panels with plastic reinforcements on the edge of the cell like all the new generation gliders.

Take off is easy, as it rises smoothly above your head.

Immediately after take off, the Artic 3 shows a high trim speed, around 40 km/h, with a certain sense of security.
After some glide tests with some modern EN-C’s I can put the Artic 3 at the “TOP” of the EN-C gliders I have tested until this day, no question about it, especially at first bar.
The Artic 3 is a fast glider at second bar with a very competitive glide! And it seems to have also the fastest top speed.

Precise, linear, short, medium to hard brake pressure, reacts on weight shift and exceptionally beautiful, is what I can describe the handling of the Artic 3.
It has the tendency to turn flat and efficient. Lowering the brakes for a quick turn, the Artic 3 responds beautifully and when released, the glider quickly leveled to stay flat.

Even loaded at max on the 25, the Artic 3 will help you make low saves without loosing that weak thermal, by its ability to search forward without excessive pitch and roll, and that quality enable the Artic 3 to float better.

Big ears are made with the B3 lines, and they look funny, and applying the bar can achieve -3.5 m/s.

Conclusion: NIVIUK made an excellent job by creating a superb, very performing and balanced glider in the EN-C category .I think I am going to keep that one…