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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Beirut explosion

Beirut explosion…
Thank you from the heart for all your lovely emails, beautiful message, and warm support!
My family and I are doing well. We are staying in the north part of Lebanon, 35 km from the explosion and even, the buildings trembled feeling like an earthquake. Unfortunately, many Lebanese citizens and some close friends that were 15 km away, suffered deeply that atrocity.
Living in Lebanon has never been that easy. After 50 years of wars and corruption, the people are suffering today more than ever! The Lebanese people are well known for their strength in rebuilding again and again. And we will never surrender!
We always wanted to have a state without corruption, with fair Justice, and a peaceful normal life for once! …At least for our children.
Thank you very much for all your kind messages. 
Stay safe and may happiness surround your families.