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Friday, September 17, 2021

Swing Arcus RS, 75-95

Swing  Arcus 2 RS,  75-95 

The Arcus is Swing's low EN-B glider, with the RAST system.

I flew the Arcus 2 RS at 93 all up in our strong Cedars area last month. 

The construction and details are really neat on that Arcus 2. Nitinol wires were used to keep the profile stable with little weight. 

The take-off at 93 is very straightforward and very easy, even in nil wind. In strong windy take-off, the easiness of the Arcus 2 makes the launching a child's play.

In the air, the brake travel is short to react and firm, but pulling more is still very forgiving, but no need as it turns quite well in all kinds of conditions. I can say that 15-20 cm is only needed to steer the glider in most conditions. The agility is nice on that low B with good precision in turns for the class.  

The pitch behavior is very calm, and the roll is even calmer! The information about the air is felt with a lot of passive movements and a very compact feel ! Not any weird movements whatsoever! 

 I flew the Buzz Z6 and the Ion 6, and I can say that the Arcus 2 seems and feels easier and calmer than both. 

Whatever harsh conditions you threw at it, the Arcus 2 RS welcomes it with a meditating monk attitude! That’s really awesome for beginner pilots wanting to get a calm glider, no questions asked…

The overall glide and climb of the Arcus 2 is nice for the low B category and nowadays can get you far in good XC days. 

Ears are stable and reopen without pilots' intervention.  

Conclusion:  The Arcus 2 RS offers a relaxed flight, a high passive safety, with enough performance for the low B category. Flying it will give the pilot ample time to look around, feel the magic of flying without worrying about what’s the air is doing.  I think it's a good glider to fly in strong alpine conditions, where you want a higher degree of comfort to keep your body battery full for a longer flight.