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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Niviuk Arrow M

Niviuk Arrow M 

During those 30 years, and of all the harnesses I test flew, this is my first Niviuk harness!  There’s always a first time :-) 

I have here for test flying the Niviuk Arrow in size M which has 95 % the same specification as their new Hawk but with a nice elongated fairing. 

The size M goes to 178cm pilot height. 

I’m 1.81 tall, but when I sat in an M size when I was at the Coupe Icare, it felt ok. 

So I ordered two sizes. One M just arrived and one L should arrive in a month or two hopefully. 

As you will see in a close-up in the video attached, the finish details and the work done, the sewing, on this Arrow harness is indeed superb and put the NK Arrow among the top-end harnesses for a clean finish detail in the market. 

The Arrow pod can be replaced easily if damaged by mistake with side zippers.  There’s a seat plate on the harness.  Under the seat is a pocket that fits a 4 kg water ballast. On the right side, the rescue pocket is wide enough can fit a Rogallo rescue. The rescue handle and pin can be installed without any additional cord if by chance you find yourself on the take-off and needed to change or replace the rescue. Very easy to install.

In the back, there’s a big pocket for the glider bag, a place for the water camel, and a small pocket with a zipper. There are also two plastic inserts if by chance you damage the air inlets, which is difficult because they are made of a soft plastic material. But just in case,  they can be replaced quickly.

There’s a lower side hole for a pee tube pass. Two brand new black aluminum carabiners are included and with a three-step speed bar. 

The most interesting part for me personally is the cockpit!  Just because as you will see in the video, it can open from a top with a slight pull on the blue ribbon. and it opens the inner container plainly and clearly while you fly. 

The cockpit container holds three compartments. Each compartment can hold whatever you choose to put. A chocolate bar, an extra instrument, An extra battery, a hat, a lucky charm…and they all are easily accessible. On my woody valley, it opens from the top but with a zipper and is sometimes difficult to open and maintain open as it needs effort to reach the zipper with warm gloves.

On the Arrow it is a clever innovation and a delight for me!

Sitting in the Arrow M size even with 1.81 cm and 75 kg is quite suitable. But I think the L size could be probably more adequate for my height. I will try and report back. Nevertheless, I felt having the legs naturally supported without any pressure point on my body. I flew the harness in some turbulent air, and later in smooth air. In all conditions, the Arrow offered the most balanced feedback with a high comfort side. The M-size chest strap opens to 50 cm max on the M, and even in strong air, I could easily be very comfortable on an S-size glider. The ABS system controls the movements without being too restrained. I mean all the movements are available smoothly for the pilot to understand the airmass without being too chatty or too dull. That’s why I said that the Arrow gives the most balanced feedback. Less movement than the Genie light 3, slightly similar to the Delight 4 but without the ABS restraining system of the D4. 

Weight shifts are also efficient on the Arrow with a nice turning radius. (Information taken from the same glider that was used on the Genie light 3 and the Delight 4).   

Overall a perfect blend of feedback and smoothness. And that’s at 50 cm opened chest strap. Pilots can also tighten the chest strap as much as they prefer for an even more stable harness to their preference.


Let's keep it short:

The smoothness and features of a Mercedes with the look of a Ferrari. Plain and simple. Try it!!