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Sunday, January 3, 2010


I could be one of many who likes quality and superb details in a glider, and always when I unfold an ADVANCE glider ,my eyes are wide open for the excellent finish and details .

Of course they will all fly, but it is nice and funny "sometimes" to feel that you are flying in style :-) .
Even the attachment points are fitted correctly and properly, (see pic)

The launching of the BiBeta is really easy in weak or even in strong wind. The take off also at 175 all up was quick with a weak head wind of 5 km/h .

The first thermal ,and I looked up to see really if I was flying the BiBeta 4 and not my solo glider ;-) !! The brakes were very moderate for a tandem and the agility surprised me. The aluminum bars on the handles allow a good pressure point for easy and nice thermal precision.

The BiBeta 4 38 loaded at 175 climbs moderately in weak thermals. The size 42 should be much better in climb. In the strong stuff the 38 moves with roll movement (Not dampened).It has lots of energy and you feel like you have a toy glider (for a tandem) .

Opening the trim is a pure joy. The BiBeta accelerates really well and you feel that acceleration. May be going up to 47 km/h or more…(not sure)

Always respecting my passenger for a calm and nice tandem flight to enable him to feel the magic…But The passenger that day was looking annoyed and asked me if I could make the ride for him more interesting…That's all what I wanted to hear ;-)
Wing over's were high and very energetic, and the 360's were really nice and centrifugal, with a loud and long voice in my ears!! Mammaaaaaaa !!

It was my passenger who really was having "now" a cheerful ride.
Big ears on this tandem are easy to induce and the recovery is fast.
The BiBeta 4 38 lands nicely with a good energy and long brake travel.

Conclusion: I really liked the 38 for the overall feeling in the air .Easy and great handling.