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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Ozone Forza 2 M size


Harness comparison ( Update)
Test flying harnesses are the most difficult and sometimes highly inaccurate, as each individual even with the same height and weight shares a completely different anatomy. This test is to get a 50 % idea of what to expect, and it is more important to test-fly a harness than it is to test-fly a paraglider. Testing harnesses consist of sitting in a harness for more than 20 minutes if you can, adjusting it, and feeling if there are any hard points on your body. Then a flight could give you a higher idea of the roll feedback you wish to receive and cope with.
As harnesses are a very personal choice for each individual for roll, and especially for body comfort, this pre-test before buying is very important as it will surely maximize your future flights and acheive your expected potential with no stress on your sitting position or leg support concentrating on the task ahead. Any pilot can cope with any of the above harnesses in roll. It is only a matter of training and getting used to it.
Please consider that a moderately stable harness that combines stability and a pleasurable roll feel, is very different for each individual from a 15 to an 85-year-old pilot. Finding your own “balance" will also reduce energy consumption while keeping the lovely flying spices! Wink
Happy and safe flights.

Most comfortable seated harness. As 1 being most comfortable “ONLY for the seating position”.

1-Impress 4 / Impress 3 /Lightness 2/3
2-Forza 2 / Arrow / Nearbird Vibe
3-Genie Race 2 / Exoceat/ Genie race 4/ Genie light 3 / Delight 4 /Submarine
4-X-Rated 6 / Genie Race 3 / Genie lite 2 / Gin X-Alps/ Woody Valley GTO 2
5- Woody Valley GTO 1

Most comfortable in roll (In roll stability ). As 1 being most comfortable.

1-Ozone Exoceat/ Delight 4/ Delight 3/ Arrow/ Forza 2
2-Genie Light 1 / WV GTO 1 / Forza 1 / Gin X-Alps / Nearbirds Vibe X-Rated 6 XL / Genie Race 3 /Genie race 4
3-Impress 2 + / Genie lite 2/ Ozium 2/ Lightness 3 /Genie light 3
4-Genie Race 2 / Ozium 1/
5-Impress 3/ Lightness 2

Harnesses that deliver a naturally supported leg in the pod.

—— Exocet / Forza 1/ Impress 3 / Lightness 1/2/3 /Nearbirds Vibe/ Arrow M & L / Forza 2/ Delight 4 /Submarine

Conclusion: Manufacturers are trying to deliver more easy-to-fly and stable harnesses for the majority with better leg support and a two-rescue option.
The Nearbirds Vibe is a complete harness that fulfills those criteria while being comfortable. As a semi-light harness, I prefer the NK Arrow for its versatility, ease of use, and beautiful shape. I will be receiving an Airy Vibe to test fly…
I am also waiting for the Forza 2 L size to get a much better idea and feel, to decide if I am going to keep it as an X-rated 6 replacement harness or not… as I need to fly a slightly heavy harness for my tests (+,-) 7 kg.