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Thursday, May 6, 2010



I always wait impatiently for a new NIVIUK product.The designer OLIVIER NEF,is full of surprises. In 2006 the PEAK 1 was a revelation among gliders of its level.Still is. The NIVIUK ARTIC  2 is also one of the best EN_C gliders available for the package of security/performance/efficiency it delivers.
I was waiting to see how the HOOK 2 will be and what will be the philosophy of NIVIUK in releasing such a glider in the fierce competition of the EN-B category.

Laying the glider on the ground feels small for the 80-100 all up size.The plastic inserts on the leading edge are present like on the ARTIC 2.
All the lines are sheathed.Even the top ones.

Launching the glider is very easy  ...
First thermal ,first turn...The HOOK 2 has the tension and the precision of the ARTIC 2 !! In terms of precision it could be the most precise one of the category.

The turning inside the thermal is on a dime !! very narrow cornering without any delays...I really liked it.
If i encounter head wind during a thermal ,the HOOK 2 does not bump into it.It simply enters without loosing it.Pitch movements are absent.
In turbulent conditions,the HOOK 2 is like a little Buddha .It is serene and very stable and always above your head ,no matter what's the conditions throw at you. It could be also the most accessible in its category.
Stepping on the accelerator is smooth and the glider is fast .

A small video .  :-)