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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Mac Para Marvel
And finally it arrived.
As with all Mac Para gliders this Marvel also made by Gin factory has an excellent finish.
The Marvel has an aspect ratio of 6.5 for the EN-C certification, and laying it on the ground shows clearly its sporty look.

Launching the Marvel with 10 km/h wind require a light but steady pull on the risers to get the glider above your head. So I think it could be a plus in strong wind.

In the air:
Getting next to similar EN-C gliders gave me immediately the feeling of an excellent climb rate, especially in weak conditions. That’s the strong point of the Marvel.
The turns are flat with a nice handling .It isn’t the most agile EN-C, but I think that was pretty enough to enjoy my flight.

In turbulent and nasty conditions the Marvel require active piloting to keep it over my head. The 6.5 Aspect ratio is present. Nothing out of the ordinary for an EN-C, but I will rate it as a high end EN-C in terms of control.

Gliding next to some recent C’s and some 2011 top D’s, I can confirm that the Marvel is up there with the leaders in the recent C category, for efficient gliding, whether it is in headwind glides or in calm air.
The designer Mr Peter Recek has a small tip to get those Marvel pilots a better squeeze for their glide. Here it is:
We have managed nice glide increase by bending the C straps of 2-3 cm (on Marvel and Magus XC2) when flying accelerated 25-50%. With this shortening the speed is a bit decreased but the glide increases significantly.

I have tried that.
In calm or moderate air the glide feels like it has improved.
In “turbulent, shaky headwind glides”, it needs more practice to keep it leveled with the C risers, and as Peter said it was a bit slower.

Big ears are small, not really too efficient, and the glider felt a bit loosing “slightly” its homogeneity with a decrease in speed. They do not open by themselves and need a gentle long pull from each side at the time.

The Marvel with its 6.5 aspect ratio feels and looks sporty like you are on an EN-D glider but with a passive safety of the EN-C certification.
Climbs are superb, and could be easily the best in the C category!
Its glide and surfing character will take you whenever you want, with no excuse or any blame for the glider.
It is the high end “C” glider you can train on to hit safely the D class.