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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last week I had the privilege to drive the NEW Porsche 911 turbo !! Amazing experience. Speechless in front of perfection.
Opening the SKYWALK POISON 3 reminded me of that feeling standing with my eyes opened, starring at the super light aluminum cloth, the jet flaps, a new system on the lower brake lines! The risers with separate lines…All this with a quality that is truly beautiful.
It is true that’s my first SKYWALK glider for a test, and maybe I am always a bit sensitive in front of a new glider ,but the impeccable details and finish are first class.

The white attachment points are thicker and robust than most gliders and have a perfect line loop.But because the glider is still new ,without any pressure yet to stay in shape ,they need a little adjustment as you will see on the pics .

Now it is time to fly the glider ! Hopefully soon.....

Some pics at:

Launching is very easy even in nil wind.In strong wind a little brake is needed to stop the surge.Overall very easy.
In the air the Poison 3 doesn't feel like an EN-D glider. Very dampened and comfortable when flown in the weight range.My friend who flies a GTO M @ 104 commented that the glider was keeping him busier than his GTO M.When he tried the Omega 8 he commented the same thing.
I did find it homogenous to my taste.
Big ears are stable .Turns are smooth and precise but not fast.The handling of the Peak 2 is similar or a "bit" better .Accelerator is a bit hard but the wing in this mode is very stable .
As for the climb: The climb of the POISON 3 @ 80 % of the wing loading is very good. To define the climb :
A-Climb with a head wind
B-Climb without head wind
C-Climb in weak thermals
D-Climb in strong cores

Answers:(Pls watch the loadings !)
A- 1- The GTO M is better even loaded, 2- then the PEAK 2 24@ 60 % of the load range 3- then the POISON 3 S, 4- then the Venus 2 M @ 103 and last 4-the VENUS 3 M @ 104 .

B- 1- GTO M - 2- PEAK 2 24 & POISON 3 S 3-Venus 2 M 4- Venus 3 M

C- 1-GTO M 2- Venus 2 M =Poison 3 S 3- Peak 2 24 4-Venus 3 M

D- 1-GTO M = Peak 2 24 2- POISON 3 S = Venus 3 M 3- Venus 2 M

GLIDE at trim:
1- GTO M
2- Peak 2
3- Poison 3 S
4- Venus 3 M

Glide at first bar:

2-Peak 2
3-Poison 3
4-Venus 3

The Poison 3 has a long brake travel before stall,but is affected from the first 10 cm.In head wind thermals,releasing the brakes completely will let the glider enter better the lifting mass.That's a trap of not climbing if you don't let the glider fly.The GTO M and the Peak 2 will enter faster even if your have a little brake.

Conclusion: SKYWALK has made a glider with all the features to make it easy to fly.Its performances are with the top ones,but not on the very top.It has a good climb rate and the overall feeling is great.It has a low speed,and can be landed in tight places. It feels like an Omega 8 with a little lesser handling,but i found the climb rate to be a little better.


Some questions ,answered by SKYWALK.
Dustoftheuniverse:What will a Poison 2 pilot feel when upgrading to the Poison 3 in terms of: safety-agility?

SKYWALK:The main difference is that the POISON3 has a higher pitch damping, above all when flying accelerated. This means that there is less roll and the flying is more calm.
Additionally, the POISON3 is more stable, thanks to the new risers, also especially when flying accelerated, which means that the wing is less likely to collapse.
Still, you must remember that the POISON3 is classified as an EN-D wing, while the POISON2 is classified as an EN-C wing, so you need to react 100% correctly when flying extreme maneuvers.

DOTU:The Poison 3 has unsheathed lines. Do they have to be changed, checked? , If so when?

SKYWALK: POISON3 must be checked, after 150 flights or 2 years.

DOTU:What should the optimum weight be, to fly efficiently the Poison 3? 75 % - 90 % of the weight range?

SKYWALK: All skywalk gliders must be flown on the end of the weight range XS: around 90, S around 100, M around 110, L around XL.

DOTU:I noticed that the lower brake lines are sewed with a thinner one. Is it for reducing the drag?

SKYWALK:The brake lines over the riser are sewed with an extra line to give a better feeling regarding the pressure, when the pilots make turns…

DOTU:Can you please describe the efficiency behind putting each line separate on a riser?

SKYWALK:This makes the glider more stable when flown with speed and this makes it easier for the pilot to fly faster, mainly in difficult conditions.