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Thursday, November 15, 2018


ADVANCE XI  size 23 

The XI is ADVANCE light high B glider for 2018.  

Launching the XI is effortless and at 86 all up, the glider stays overhead in a slight breeze. The take off is immediate .
The pressure on the brakes are average to light. With a half wrap on the brakes the XI turns quite fast and it’s quite an agile glider to core very narrow thermals.
The brake feel is linear and fairly precise. To compare this feel to a Mentor 5 XS(70-90), the XI brake pressure has a more ‘pilot connection’ feel and more linear response. 
The M5 XS reaction is direct and prompt. On the XI it’s also direct with more feel thought every pulled centimeter.  Compared to a Rush 5 S, the brake pressure is slightly less, a little longer brake travel, but a more agile glider for the XI in thermals.

The roll feel is more pronounced on the XI than the M5, with a glider that connect the pilot with informations through the airmass not really as the M5 which moves more as a block.  Compared to a Rush 5 S (65-85 ) the XI transmits more what’s the air is doing with a more agile glider in thermals.  The B comparison ‘chart’ is updated for small details if needed. 

Climb rate seems very nice even in weak stuff, and i was able to stay quite close to a Mentor 5 XS similarly loaded in the same thermals we encountered. I felt that loading the XI would still be efficient and quite rewarding to surf the airmass.  The XI seems to cut through the airmass a bit less than the Iota 2, and that’s why i felt that when loaded it up,  i got a better forward push.
Going on some glides next to a Mentor 5 XS showed me that the XI are quite similar with a slight edge in surfing the air without loosing much in sinking air, at trim and at half bar for the XI. 

Comparing it to a Mentor 5 (light) XS, which is much different than the regular version in the way it bumps more into the airmass.(i don’t know why…) I would possibly lean slightly toward the XI for it’s overall performance and glide through turbulent air if both ‘light’ gliders are similarly loaded. 

Pushing the speed bar will give a +12 km/h over trim at 1000 ASL, and the pressure is moderate and very usable. 

Ears are stable and reopen quickly without pilot intervention. 

Conclusion: For a light high performance B, the XI is a nice companion for travel, hike and fly, and XC. 
The overall performance is among the top B’s. Nice handling, pleasure feel in thermals, and a small packing volume.  

This is only my opinion. Make your own !