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Friday, July 20, 2012


The very long waited IP6 23 came finally and I was able to fly it in variable conditions from weak to turbulent at 98 all up recommended by NIVIUK.

If I want to compare it with the old ‘D’s, the IP6 is a bit difficult to launch it overall.

In flight:
Comparing this glider also to the old ‘D’s, Peak 2,M4, O8… ,the IP6 feels more dynamic and alive.
It feels like the glider has lots of energy.
The handling and ability to steer the glider in “moderate conditions” is outstanding. Very responsive, soft and linear brake travel enables its pilot to experience not less than perfection.

Flying all the new ‘C’s and old generation ‘D’s I could immediately feel that I am under something very different and special. A glider from outer space .The climb is twice better. I could float endlessly and the flying feels ‘light’, as it opens new doors to very long xc flights.
Gliding with the IP 6 is a memorable experience. It will illuminate the pilot to the fact that numbers on paper are pure illusion.
Encountering a light lift on long glides, the IP6 will inhale that lift and float endlessly to the horizon ;-)

In small turbulent cores and moving conditions, the IP 6 will remind its pilot that it’s a pure breaded horse very different from the old ‘D’ category. It has lots of energy that it will need some time to settle and controlled for the pilot to steer it into the core. The brakes became less powerful to adjust to the energy of the glider.

But in those nasty conditions the IP 6 never felt soft and I didn’t have any collapses or even felt that it will collapse. The structure felt very strong.

The accelerator is smooth and at first bar the wing speed increases significantly with practically no loss of gliding power! At second bar a speed over 63 could be reached easily.

Big ears are possible with the B3, but after applying half bar and reaching the lines at the highest possible. The pressure is high, and I wasn’t able to get less than -2m/s at ¾ of the bar. They reopen very quickly on release.

360’s are a delight, as the handling will enable the pilot to let the IP6 dive. Lots of power !

Competition pilots will never mind all what’s written here. Their goal is to win and the IP 6 is already here to confirm that.
My conclusion is for C or D pilots who are thinking about getting themselves an upgrade.
I will be clear and fair. IMHO The IP 6 is the competition glider of the moment that will clearly win PWC events in the hands of those professional pilots who are searching for winning. That’s the main purpose behind its creation ….
Old ‘D’s are a big step behind in performance and overall ease of use.

I have sent the glider now and I am still thinking of that unimaginable piece of art! Those memorable moments under it…I felt that I was really “flying”

But since I am not into competitions with lots of responsibilities towards myself and others, and rather prefer a more relaxing and common wing for everyday use, I will wait to test fly that new NIVIUK peak 2 (replacement) and I am sure that the designer will have some more tricks under his sleeves ;-) .