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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mac Para EDEN 5 26

Mac Para EDEN 5 ! (The hidden Treasure ! )

The last gliders I flew from Mac Para were the Magus XC2 and the Marvel. Both were on the edge of performance in their category especially the climb rate!
Now Santa Claus brought to my hands this December new Eden 5 size 26(80-95), which I will fly at 91 all up weight and I am just taking some photos preparing myself for a long and amazing flight….

Launching this glider is as simple as it gets. The light materials in the leading edge do contribute to that easy forgiving launching.

In the air I felt immediately at ease and comfortable. The EDEN 5 inspires complete confidence in the air telling you to relax and enjoy your XC flight.

First turn into a thermal showed a light to medium brake travel with a very nice agility for the B category!
The Mac Para team has tuned the brake response and the agility of the glider in a high tech way! Meaning that ‘even’ a low end B pilot will get a forgiving brake travel, and the more experienced B pilot will sing and smile while turning with an efficient, agile, and beautiful turn radius. To combine those qualities in a single glider is something ‘very rare’ until now.

Turning in the air with another new B glider that has already a reputation for excellent climb rate, I found the EDEN 5 to be very close or even better sometimes! The leading edge doesn’t move much …It just enter the thermals and climb, and I could sense that by the beeping of the vario ! Just to tell you how the pitch movement is neutral. NO hanging back or pitching forward. And it is not a dull glider also. Just the necessary information’s.

I can confirm that the climb rate is on the ‘top’ of the category for the moment!

Trim speed at ‘91 all up’ on the 26 showed a 38.5 km/h. The accelerator at full bar will get you at 48.5 km/h at 1000 ASL. Next time I’ll fly it at 95…

This day was exceptional, with nice cloud base and long glides that enabled me to do some wing tip comparison with the best ‘B’ of the moment! That was tested recently on my blog.
Despite being just a bit slow on trim on the EDEN 5, I used the bar, which is light and easy to use, but short, to compensate the fully loaded other ‘B’ glider I am following, and to my surprise and after some several 8 km glides, I can see that the EDEN 5 was always very competitive! The glides were the same!

Pulling the accelerator at full bar in some turbulence showed a tough leading edge, without any nasty surprises.

The day has ended, and I was still flying that amazing and relaxing piece of art!

Big ears are stable and easy to use. A descent rate of -3m/s is showed with the accelerator. They open by themselves.

With the EDEN 5, Mac Para has created their masterpiece in the B category.
Some B gliders that have a superb climb rate, and the EDEN 5 has the same .
Other B gliders that have excellent glide, and the EDEN 5 also has the same .
But to combine all those features in an easy, agile, and relaxing wing that could be also an entry to the B category is the real hidden force behind the EDEN 5.
The Mac logo ‘fly in peace’ should be printed on the EDEN 5 Wink . Pilots who want to get an upgrade for their low end B’s will be nicely welcomed on board the high end EDEN 5!
Yes I talked too much …That’s because I found a hidden treasure!