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Saturday, June 20, 2020

GIN Genie 3 Light M

The new Genie 3 light harness has arrived finally. I ordered the M and the L size. I’m 1.81 cm, and 75 kg.  I tried the M size at first. 

The construction and details on this harness are amazing. I like the nice whole grey color! It changes a bit from the common black. The cloth used seems sturdy, and very well made. It does share the same construction finish with the latest Race 4! 

There's a pocket lower than the seat board that I could fit a 3 L ballast. The back compartment could fit a +10 Liter stuff and has a tie on the top. I didn’t touch any adjustments! All was fitting fine. There is a left small pocket for the relief tube. Underneath the cockpit lies a sharp cutter for an emergency. The cockpit itself is well fixed and has a high edge for preventing the sun to flare on the instruments. 
I didn’t see anything unusual to mention. It seems very well done. 
In the air, I could easily fit my self in the pod. 

The chest strap is similar to the Race 4 and is very easy to adjust in the air. 
Harnesses and tests are very difficult as we all have different height even with close weight, we don’t always share the same physical geometry. Longer or shorter legs, longer upper body…etc… That’s is why trying for yourself a harness is very important. The test can give you 50% or what to expect in body comfort and around 90 % in terms of roll comfort, and weight shift. 

The Genie light 3 has a seat board.  I personally found that the factory pod adjustments fit me exactly without any change. The back comfort of this harness offers good support and my legs were ‘naturally’ supported laying in the pod without any pressure at all. 
I adjusted the chest strap to around 46, 47 cm between carabiners, as I was lately test flying the Delta 4 MS which was earlier flown all the way with my X-rated 6 harness. 

Today, I took the Genie light 3 with some ballast to achieve 92 all up, and flew the same Delta 4 MS. To my surprise, the harness geometry of the Genie 3 light offered me an incredible turn inside the lift that I didn’t experience it earlier on the X-rated 6 I’m used to flying! The Delta 4 seems to turn even better and with more flying pleasure!  In the past, I flew several models, and I was very pleased with an old flight design sitting harness for its nice authority on the weight shift! Another good sitting harness that I regularly use for fun flying and soaring in an independence freestyle harness that offers also a very good roll. 
It that matter, I found that the Genie 3 light offers in fact a stable roll, but with a good balance for weight shift. The only harness that had this feature to my experience, was the GIN race 2! That was some harness! Every glider I test flew back then, with that harness changed from moderate agility to good agility!  I think the GIN Genie light 3 shares that amazing ABS geometry. 
I spent all my flight enjoying every moment on that beautiful weight shifting harness. 

The differences that occurred between the Genie light 2 and 3 are Practically everything…But the most important for me are: Better sitting back comfort, legs are naturally supported, more aerodynamic, nicer weight shift, fewer roll movements for the Genie light 3!  

I will try the L size, just because I felt that I have probably my shoulders slightly higher than usual. So, I’m waiting for the L size.