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Tuesday, October 16, 2012



6 months ago I have tested the Aspen 4 .I still remember its ease of use and comfortable ride for a C glider.
Now came the NEVADA EN-B glider ,size 26 (85-100)

With 5 km wind the glider need a steady pull as it doesn’t get above your head very fast.

In the air:
At first I was on the NEVADA 26 at 95 all up and my friend Moni flew the Mentor 2 S at 96 all up.

Immediately after take off I could feel the floating ability of the NEVADA ! The climb rate in thermals is nothing but perfect! This glider doesn’t pitch forward nor back, it just climbs!

Coring thermals with the NEVADA needs a long pilot input to begin its turn. I cannot say that it has a direct and precise brake travel, like the M 2 but its fairly ok.

This glider does compensate in its floating ability and climb rate in the thermals!

Flying in different conditions and knowing that the NEVADA is aimed at high-end B pilots, I could say that it is similar to the Blacklight in comfort.
Trim speed is around 39 km/h and top speed at 98 all up could match the M2 S at 95 all up + 1 km for the M 2 , with the same glide angle or very slightly better + 0.1 for the NEVADA !

Flying the NEVADA will give more chances of low saves and better floating ability on long glides.

Big ears are stable and an efficient descent method.
The speed system is fairly light.
Flying the NEVADA with my friend on the M2 and switching gliders afterward showed that even when I am used to my M2, I was always trying hard to catch the NEVADA as it floats easily and quickly upward.
To handle the NEVADA in rough air, I think it is better to be at top weight, and it won’t loose anything in its ‘brilliant’ climb rate.

From the recent high-end ‘B’ gliders I flew, I can confirm that:

The NEVADA has the ‘best’ climb rate until now.
It has also ‘one’ of the best glide angle.
It’s comfortable enough for the high end ‘B’ pilot

I would have liked a shorter and more direct handling, but the whole performance/comfort /climb package the NEVADA offers is nothing but outstanding!

If you are one of those high-end ‘B’ pilot wanting to be near the ‘troposphere’  ;-) don’t let this glider slip away without having a test flight.