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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Gliders and...

After some time, and talking to friends and exchanging wings, in the C category, 

I would humbly like to share my personal feel and opinion from all my tested C gliders, here is my choice for the most complete ones in 2020,2021, until 1st July is:

1- Delta 4, Alpina 4, 

2- Sigma 11, size 24 , 

3-Fusion Light, S, and M.  

Why?  Just because they offer the most relaxed flying with top-end performance without going out of trim in the first 30 hours. 

4-Cure 2, which offers excellent performance but needs a little workload than the others. 

5- Q-Light S ( needs active control) 

All those gliders didn't get out of trim before 30...35 hours. (Data from 12 other pilots) but will eventually go out of trim later.

IN the B category, 

1- BGD Base 2, GIN Explorer 2 (superb performance with a very conservative line width) Rush 6 (performance of the C category) 

2-Rook 3, R-Light 3  ( But I don’t like the take-off in nil wind ) 

, Rush 5, Swift 5, Mentor 6 Light XS! Love that one! , Maestro 21.

There are more good gliders that don't go quickly out of trim OF COURSE,

But they will eventually after 30, 35 hours but the above is my personal choice for overall behavior. 

Important notice that I would like to share>

I have already written that testing a new B, C, or especially D, won’t give accurate results since many gliders go out of trim before reaching 30 hours! even some B’s! more often C’s and D’s. ( Dyneema line shrinkage problem, mainly..) 

So it is very important to trim back those gliders to regain their correct flying properties.

 Some manufacturers are more serious than others…

Happy flights,


The NEW  Elan 3 is not yet evaluated. And will need time to see ...