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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Chosen gliders in their respective categories (UPDATE) 5/ 5 / 2018

Those gliders below will be kept for future comparison as i believe that in overall conditions they gave me the best balance between performance, efficiency, handling, climbing having the edge in their respective categories. 
It doesn't mean that they could suit every pilot need ! Every glider has it's own characteristics and every pilot has their own feel and requirement. You can find their characteristics in the B,C, comparison charts.
May everyone have safe and smiling flights  :-)  

EN-B Low aspect ratio gliders = Ozone Buzz Z5 
EN-B with lower aspect ratio than 6 = Skywalk Cumeo / Nova Mentor 5 / Ozone Rush 5 
EN-B with higher aspect ratio than 6 = UP Summit XC 4 
EN-C Moderate aspect ratio = Ozone Alpina 3  
EN-C High aspect ratio = UP Trango X-Race 
EN-D = Ozone Zeno