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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BDG Tala M

Construction: The Tala has lots of new innovations from the construction on the leading edge to the line layout with attachment on 4 cells, to that neat attachment point on the glider, the choice of cloth..… Lots of innovation.

But what matters are the flying characteristics of the glider in real air.

 And here it is the Tala M size 80-100 flown at 97 all up.

Take off: In light wind the Tala rises smoothly and stays above the pilots.

In stronger wind I didn’t find any particular behavior.

In the air: I flew the Tala M in smooth with plenty of lift everywhere to windy soaring and in strong turbulent thermals.

Flying the Tala ,I noticed constant small feedbacks from the risers .

In strong turbulent conditions the Tala was still very coherent. Pitch movement were present but not aggressive. It moves on a small axis above the pilot. The inside construction seems successful.

It has more feedback than a Sigma 8 and less than an Omega 8.

Handling: I found that flying the Tala M above 97 all up is a good option for handling and it doesn’t seem to affect its climb rate.

I can describe the handling as: Long, Linear, Progressive and fairly agile especially in shaky conditions. When the thermals are homogenous the glider will turn on a dime.

Flying next to recent top C gliders, I felt that the Tala has an incredible climb rate inside one thermal.

The ability to enter the turbulent thermals is slightly delayed, but I am comparing it to a top end C glider. Confirming that most 2012 ‘C’ gliders will struggle against the Tala in climb and glide!

Going on a glide with a top end C glider won’t let the Tala blush at all…On a 7 km glide the difference is barely noticeable!!

The trim speed is at 40 km/h with an excellent glide.

The accelerator has a medium pressure but can be used in most conditions.

I felt that there a small hint to let the Tala unleash its potential and to get the most of its performances.

The pilot must trust the feedback on the Tala and let her fly without too much braking with just a slight amount if necessary.


I described the Tala as a butterfly, because that’s what I felt. Everything on the Tala will give you a sensation of lightness.

And this will win some pilots hearts…

The Tala is right on the middle of the C category if we consider that the Sigma 8 was intended for easy entry into the C .

Climb and performance are on the higher shelves.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ozone Buzz Z4 SM


I usually enjoy testing higher performance paragliders ,but I was intrigued by the Buzz Z 4 as the Ozone team ,back in Saint Hilaire were impressed by the performance gain of the Buzz Z4 over its predecessor.
So here it is the SM (75-95) size flown at 90 all up.

Launching is only for beginners. Please watch your steps !!  ;-)
Doesn’t get easier.

In the air the roll response of the Buzz Z4 is exactly what a low-end pilot needs. It does give just the necessary amount, without too much feedback, and move on a very narrow angle above your head. Some low B gliders are dull but that’s not the case with the Buzz Z4, which is a delight to fly for pilots coming up to this category, letting them evolve in a very comprehensive manner.

The handling also is very well balanced for a low B.
High-end B pilots would be happy flying the Buzz Z4, for its nice reactions on the brakes and the perfect authority of control for that Category.

Performance at trim is very well improved, like OZONE stated. I will not talk about numbers, but the Buzz Z4 took me where I wanted to go, as if I was on a 2011 higher rated B.
The speed system is soft and very usable. It has a light pressure and applying pulley-to-pulley the comfort is if you were at trim!
Big ears are stable and open nicely.

Conclusion: With the demands of new gliders that will get our sport going further, OZONE has delivered the Buzz Z4, a glider that gives immense amount of pleasure, letting its passengers, loving the sport of paragliding and appreciate every moment in the air. After all your smiles after landing is what matters the most.