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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sharing thoughts.

Dear Fellow pilots, 
I need to share some thoughts about my tests on this blog. 
I have been flying for a long time, and my country offers some frequent flying conditions. With more than 5000 hours, I stopped logging years ago ...
I have flown more than 260 different glider till now...
I’m 54now. But i still don’t believe it, though i used the calculator many times, but i think its a conspiracy…My eyes still see 30  :-) 
This is a completely FREE blog. No ads. Its a self sponsored blog.  Free service . 
I own a large business, that keeps my family and I, well supported, and my head full of problems to be solved on a daily basis. 
This blog is just to ‘escape’ for a glimpse. To enter my own “Boy’s box” 
Birds cannot change wings, but we are privileged to do so ! 
My dream is to exchange wings, and now I’m living this dream.
I purchase every glider from my own money. Every glider is held at customs and it’s really a tough time releasing one…
I test fly the glider with joy like a boy reaching for an ice cream or a chocolate bar. I still love chocolate  ;-)  A lot…
Then i sell the gliders on this blog, and buy new ones and so on. Sometimes i get some Euros, sometimes i loose some Euros, especially from those “reference” gliders which i keep for a time in order to compare with the newcomers. 
So it means if a glider is so good, i’ll lose money to keep it, but I’ll gain pleasure in flying it which is the MOST important  !
When a glider meets medium criteria, it has to be written exactly as i felt, in my personal humble opinion.  
To be crystal clear: My balance for this operation is purchasing 8-13 new releases by year.   
I don’t have any relation or business whatsoever with any manufacturer but a deep respect for all their R&D team who tries their best to deliver outstanding flying machines ! 
The tests are made with the most precise way, i know how. They represent “humbly” my own PERSONAL FEEL. And I’ll try as much as i can to deliver the closest feel in written words. 
Please bear in mind that: “Different sizes, and different load could lead in a different feel “
If any pilot or manufacturer, would feel offended or misguided from reading those tests, i sincerely apologize.  
If any of you feels happy reading them and watching the videos, then let us fly together on Aladdin’s magic carpets :-)  !!!  

Don’t take them too seriously also…Every pilot has a different feel for his own flying machine :-)
Don’t buy any glider before a test flight if you can ! 
The purpose is to have fun !  
Fly safe !