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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UP Kantega XC 2 S 70-90

UP Kantega XC2 S (70-90)

My favorite glider in 2012 was the Trango XC2 .I really liked that glider ability to fly efficiently. I was waiting for Franta’s new creation the Kantega XC2. And since I can be min at 90 all up I preferred to get the S size for a test flight.

Launching is easy …even if there’s a little wind it can inflate without touching the brakes…

In the air at max load on the S size, I could sense a low trim speed that was confirmed afterward by flying next to gliders in the same cat.

That slow trim will enable the glider to lock on thermals at low speeds and climb vertically. In head wind thermals and climbs, it needs more time to enter that air mass. The day before I was test flying a Peak 3 in turbulent air, and I was active all the time under it. The next day when test flying the Kantega XC2 , I was feeling a completely relaxed and forgetting totally about the glider, especially that my friend reported same turbulences and discomfort on his Delta 2 as yesterday. On board the Kantega XC2, it was like sitting in a hammock on the beach in the Bahamas islands. All I was missing is the music…

The brake authority is very nice under the Xc2 allowing me to core every thermal even if it’s rough or disorganized. The turns are well coordinated and the wing can turn really narrow.

The overall glide in different conditions showed a competitive glide in the mid B category. I would have preferred a faster trim speed with more biting ability into the thermals like its bigger sister the Trango XC2.

But may be the extra comfort under the Kantega was the main focus of the designer.

The accelerator is smooth and usable all the way with 15 km gain over trim speed.

Big ears are stable if they aren’t pulled too much, but the sink rate is around 3 m/s with bar.

The stall point of the S size at my loading is a little below the hips and must be carefully reached when top landing.

Conclusion: I was a bit surprised about the 38 km/h trim speed on the loaded S size. But the overall nice package that the Kantega Xc2 offers that will give immense flying pleasure for many pilots.