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Tuesday, September 5, 2023


NOVA Ion 7 light XS 70-90
Size XS / 70-90
Harness Niviuk Arrow L
Weight in flight = 85 all up
The latest Nova glider I test flew was the Mentor 7 S size. This Ion 7 is the XS size that goes to 90 all up.
The Ion 7 is built on the leading edge with a mix of Dominico 30D, 41 g/m² Dominico 20DPS, 33 g/m² on the leading top surface, and on the lower surface Dominico 10D, 26 g/m².
There are some nice construction details on that Ion 7 including the new Rod Loops, that I will let you surf their website with this link for further details:
I flew that Ion 7 in multiple conditions from strong turbulent air to nice well formed thermals.
Launching the Ion 7 light shouldn’t be commented …Too easy, and too cool for a light glider without any shooting forward, hanging back, or any delays. A simple and easy way to inflate that glider.
In the air, the brake travel is slightly longer than the Ion 6, with a moderate length and very good agility with more forgiving handling. It feels that NOVA fine-tuned the brake travel to make it even more accessible to pilots coming into that category without losing any of the agility and fun feel. I could describe the Ion 7 as a sweet playful machine able to core any thermal without too much complicated attitude.
Last week, I even lend it to my Lebanese friend ‘Rabih’ that came to visit his country from Canada, after not flying for a year. He usually flew the Mentor 5 before, sometimes on weekends.
I was on a 2-liner C next to my friend Rabih, on the Ion 7 XS, with this time both on X rated 6 harnesses! Since he had few hours, this year I asked him to follow me on a small XC to maximize his flight. On that day, I was really surprised by the pace the Ion 7 delivered! As we were cruising at trim speed, Rabih was being able to stay very close in glides, and the climbs were really efficient on that Ion 7! Of course, It glides less than the 2-liner, but I’m not trying to pull away, the glide is very respectable. I was also surprised by the capability of climbing in thermals next to a 2 liner C glider. After landing I asked him how it was, and he replied that he never thought he could keep up seeing me on the 2-liner C, and he was impressed by that performance/comfort package on a low B glider. He was so excited and frustrated at the same time just because he was leaving for Canada again and not able to fly it more!
I asked him to write a few words.
His own words:
Launches were very easy, even though one tip came up asymmetrically because of my rusty preparation, the glider adjusted itself quickly with little brake got above my head. In the air, I felt it gave me all the feedback I needed while still being comfortable to fly. Transitions following you (me on a 2-liner C) were very good as I felt I was always able to follow slowly. I liked the agility and brake length. The landing was very easy for me. Thank you for the flight and for lending me that incredible glider. If I was to stay in Lebanon, I will definitely buy one, but as you know, this year also I must go back. Hugs, Rabih.
When I flew the Ion 7 in punchy dry and strong air, in our Cedars range, It felt really comfortable to fly and all the movements in the air are done at very low angles. Pushing the speed bar doesn’t seem to affect the excellent glide for that category while having moderate pressure. Indeed the newcomers to the sport are very lucky to have those new creations, that combine high passive safety with incredible usable performance!
Ears are easy to induce, they reopen quickly. Playing around with that glider is fun, as you could throw it around with nice wingovers.
Conclusion: On the Ion 7, NOVA seems to expand the usability to have a playful, efficient XC, and a fun to fly machine with high accessibility!