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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dudek Colt 2 S

DUDEK Colt 2 S

This is my first Dudek paraglider to test fly. 
The Colt 2 construction seems very well done, with all unsheathed lines from top to bottom but with a moderate width if we want to compare it to the Cayenne 5 linewidth which has slightly more minimalistic lines. The color combinations are nice and the overall built quality from the lines, risers, cloth, finish is excellent. 

Taking off is fine on the S at 90 all up. The brake travel is long. Too long to my liking… the leading edge began to react after 10 cm of brake travel, but the glider needs more than +30 cm to get in into turns ,especially in turbulent cores. Its difficult to get it as fast as you imagine, and that wasn’t really expected from a manufacturer that makes very good acro wings.
In strong small cores, i got sometimes pushed away and i needed to be more persistent to hook them up.

I can say that the Colt 2 S is a comfortable glider for the mid C category. But it could be even more comfortable if the pilot had more brake control, to place it when he wants in turbulence and turbulent thermals.

Going on glides next to a Cayenne 5 XS loaded at 94 all up gave me the impression that the Colt 2 has a moderate to good glide angle. Not really similar to the Cayenne 5, but close. I can say that the climb rate and also glide are very good for the ‘mid’ C category. The trim speed of the Colt 2 at 90 all up is 0.5 km/h less than the C5 XS at 94 all up.  

Conclusion: I would wish that Dudek would be able to revise the brake geometry of the Colt 2 S, to be able to give it more authority on the brakes. Other than that, the Colt 2 S is a nice moderate C glider in comfort, climb, glide, and with very good manufacturing details.