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Friday, May 5, 2017

B comparison

Important notice:
This comparison has been made with lots of accuracy and details, but please consider that other sizes, other weight load for the same tested glider can have a different impact on the result below. Some small sizes usually have a different feel, and different data. Also the bigger sizes will give you different feel in (brake tension, brake response, brake length,) not to mention the performance gain in 95 % of the cases.  
For instance an important factor in 2017/18 creations, is that manufacturers are working on the internal structures ,that may have a better cohesion and efficiency in turbulent air, BUT with the exact weight load ! Those gliders will have a large weight window to be flown, BUT they are mostly efficient in a smaller one ;-)  ... Example : The Zeno SM goes from 80-100. The most accurate result will be to fly it from 96 till 98. 
TheChili 4 XS weight range is (75-95) but the best result is around 93-94. 
Of course it flyable at 90 but you won't be efficient to enter the airmass! As you will if you fly a Zeno at 90 ! 
The Mentor 5 S 80-100 is best flown at 95 for all conditions. If you fly the M 5 S at 100, it will be ok for performance, but the handling will change with a spongy feel, and will loose more the linear feel...Strange..but feelable.
The Mentor 5 XS has a different feel than the S. If flown at 85 ,it's great! At 90 it will bounce more and in small thermals it will have this jumping effect like a well pressurized tyre over a dirt road.
Now the light materials have also a different feel...And that's another story that i'm still learning those effects...Some will be damper some will be more alive...Lets wait and see...

Some probably think that ± 2-3 kg won't matter...But i say it surely does ! :-)
S size 2 kg will matter, M size 3kg, L size 4-5 kg...
(PS:  Many pilots cares for performance...But IMHO, my best gliders are the ones that gives me that magical handling feel like an extension to my arms ... in better words  "Wings"   :-)