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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mentor 2 S & Sprint Evo S, & Rush 3 M

Mentor 2 S & Sprint Evo S, & Rush 3 M

Most easy to fly:
1-Sprint EVO
2-Rush 3
3-Mentor 2

Climb rate in weak conditions .NO head wind (<0.2m/s)

1-Sprint EVO
2-Mentor 2 =Rush 3 if equally loaded

Climb rate in weak conditions with 15 km/h head wind and thermals (<0.2m/s)

1-Mentor 2 S (Efficiency showed)
2-Rush 3 M (have to be loaded)
3-Sprint Evo S ....

Climb rate in strong conditions:( With strong valley breeze)

The Rush 3 (loaded) and the Mentor 2 S have a good climb ,but i sensed an efficient forward thermal bite for the Mentor 2 as it can fit itself inside the core better .The Sprint evo will struggle a bit in strong valley breeze.

Climb in strong thermal (No drift) .. I wish all thermals are like that Wink

All are equal in climb with the tendency of the Sprint Evo to stay inside the stronger part of the thermal,and could have the edge in those particular conditions.

Glide in calm air :
1-All very close

Glide in turbulence and head wind (Equally loaded)
This was done after many flights (now I am more convinced)
1- Mentor 2
2- Rush 3 (Should be 90% loaded to achieve good results)
3- Sprint evo

Overall efficiency in racing upwind:

1- Mentor 2 S
2- Rush 3 M
3- Sprint Evo

Glide at second bar in turbulence and head wind:

The Rush 3 and Mentor 2 are equal if there 's a little head wind ,with a stable profile for the Rush 3 at bar. The Mentor 2 seems more efficient when the head wind is blowing.It can cut through with ease.


I have spent 3 whole days taking off and landing and swapping gliders, to determine what glider is the most suitable for all conditions. It is the best way to find what glider can get through those same conditions better.
The 3 are excellent gliders, The Evo has a very nice handling, the Rush 3 has a soft feeling underneath it. Pilots looking for performance and handling in a mild way will love those two. The Rush 3 M has to be loaded to cut through head wind. The Evo has a big profile that doesn’t penetrate the strong head wind like the 2 others.
The Mentor 2 S still has the most sharp and precise handling, with “usable” performance in all conditions, no matter if you have a head wind, strong thermals, the Mentor 2 S @ 95 will cut through nicely and powerfully. It does have more roll response than the two others, and feels exactly like a high end EN-B glider, but for a good EN-C or D pilot, it is the cherry on the cake. Efficiency at its best in the EN-B cat.