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Sunday, July 1, 2018


When I purchase a certified glider from a dealer or a manufacturer, I ‘always’ make sure to say that this *public product* is for my tests and it will be published on my blog and in the social media. 
Afterward, I don’t contact the manufacturer or the dealer for any comments on this purchased glider, unless there’s something really dangerous or very bad going on or some big deficiency in a glider which in the last 25 years it happened once in the early days. 
I need to be totally free to test, write and publish my small, and humble opinion. 
Communicating with the manufacturer or a dealer in the same time doing the tests wouldn’t be fair at all for the interested readers and especially for me.  
Manufacturers or especially dealers will try always to correct and to explain and also to re-explain some misunderstandings with extra headache that I prefer not to engage… As an independent reviewer, I test exactly the purchased glider I receive. My humble opinion about that glider is very small and it only concerns me whether its a good or bad review. 
I’m really sorry about any mishap and i fully apologies to anyone that has been offended by my writings. 
But as I want to be independent…there won't be an opening conversation with any company or dealer   ‘during the test’ 
Communications will preferably be done before and after. 

Thank you,