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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mantra 4 MS @ 93 all up

I have an MS available now @ 93 all up ,and it seems that it resembles the ML @ 102 .It has the same feeling in the air .It is a bit floaty and efficient in weak thermals as the glider always continue to bite in the thermal (nice feeling) .The handling is the same as the ML. I was hoping for more dynamic response,but it felt exactly as the ML ,may be just a very slight increase in brake pressure and same reactions to maneuvers.
The ears are quite usable ,because you could loose some heights,and if the accelerator (also soft and smooth) is induced ,the rate efficiency is improved,with also stable ears.

360's are easy to start and i found a stable spiral and efficient descent rate without being too much centrifuged.

In "some" + 4m/s turbulent thermals,i found that it needed just a bit to settle ,just before i could steer it wherever i want inside the core.Some gliders would accept even when i lean on the harness to began to change their course .May be also the M4 would be better with a more roll responsive harness,as i have swamped the Impress2 with another old lower attachment points,and found that the handling improved a lot. (have to try)

I did shortened the brake lengths of the ML and the MS by (- 2 to 3 cm) and it was better in a coordinated turn.

The stall point is reachable "far" in the brake lengths, just below the hips, but could be heard in finesse just before it goes into a spin.

Have to be from 90 to 95 all up to benefit and extract its performance and feeling.

Landing is easy as you can slow it down a bit ,just like the O 8 25 ,may be +1 km/h in stall speed,but could be landed in a narrow place after a bit of training.

Overall i liked the MS, (personal taste) preferred a more sharp and direct brake response,but its glide ratio , easiness ,and comfort in flight ,largely filled the EN-D pilot requirements menu :-)