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Saturday, September 16, 2023

MacPara Illusion 2 size 24 70-90

MacPara Illusion 2 size 24  70-90 

The Illusion 2 is a lightweight low EN-B from MacPara. 

I flew the Illusion 2 with the Niviuk Arrow harness at 85 all up.

Pulling on the A risers launches the Illusion 2 smoothly even in nil wind. In the stronger breeze, it rises calmly and stays above the pilot's head. Take off with 85 all up on this size is ideal. 

The brake travel is moderate to short with a quick reaction to turn the glider but still very forgiving if pulled further. The pressure is moderate to firm allowing a good connectivity for that level.

I flew in some strong turbulent air, and I was test-flying also the Ion 7 and the Buzz Z7. I think Illusion 2 seems calmer in all the pitch movements. In strong air, the Illusion 2 stays locked above the pilot's head with little brake applied. The roll is moderate and resembles the Ion 7 and the Z7. 

For that class, all those gliders have lots of performance to offer especially when going into the airmass. The Illusion 2 as a low B is a good contender and is quite competitive in the way it enters the airmass and moves forward. As a low B, it is certainly slow to enter and to move, but still, it does the job very well. Further smaller details in the B comparison shortly. 

Turning into thermals with the Illusion 2 is especially made for that class of pilots without too much dynamics, but still agile enough to turn tight every core, without missing it. The speed travel delivers around 11 km/h and still with a good glide angle. On one flight, I was pinned by a south wind and needed to push the full speed in order to move forward. I was surprised that after 10 km of full bar, the Illusion 2 kept on its rail, and got me slowly and smoothly to the other side of the mountain. I think nowadays, all those low B’s are very competitive, and they deliver a surprisingly high amount of performance for the newcomers to the sport, or even for the pilots who just want to fly for fun stepping down from a higher-rated glider. 

 The Illusion 2 can be slowed quite well to land in tight small places. Ears are stable, get you down around 2.5 or 3m/s if pulled higher, and reopen without pilot intervention.


A light but reliable companion, for flying in big mountains. No stress, cool reactions, forgiving, and nice brake authority. Good overall performance to get the job done. I don’t know why, but after flying Illusion 2 I keep thinking of my lovely and peaceful Golden retriever…as if they share the same character…