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Friday, August 13, 2010


As usual unfolding an ADVANCE glider has been for me a revelation.May be because they are more expensive than others ;-) ,but for sure the quality and the neat details are a step above the competition still.

OMEGA 8 +Impress 2 harness.Total weight 93 kg

That 's one strong point of the Omega 8.It launches perfectly,showing a very good behavior when kiting the glider.Even in low wind the glider rises perfectly without any strange movements.

Turning &Handling :
For an aspect of 6.8 the OMEGA 8 has a moderate brake pressure,and a very good turning behavior ,if helped by the pilot in keeping the forward speed and leaning in the harness.It can really turn very tight .Much better turning than the GTO M. More homogeneous ,linear and precise. Exquisite !!Even in strong cores the ability to turn becomes even better! very nice glider to handle! A bliss in this category !

Feeling in the air: 
Comparing the feeling in the air between GTO M and OMEGA 8 25, goes in favor of the OMEGA 8.
It is easy and predictable with comfort to the pilot below !

The stall point of the GTO M is early on the hips and the glider became unstable.The stall point on the Omega 8 is more lower and accept without any nasty surprises the low speed approaches or the sudden changes in directions.Both are dampened and both climb fast with pitch stability,but i felt that the OMEGA 8 is more balanced and has more friendly user ability + the precise brakes won my heart.
 Big ears: 
The OMEGA 8 25 can do big ears (finally) and are 80 % stable .The weight shift on the harness become more responsive .

Very light,like butter,very efficient and the glider is on rails.

CLIMB RATE(in weak thermals):
Loaded at 93 all up,the OMEGA 8 25 suffers a little in very (very) weak conditions (0.2m/s) thermals,vs the GTO M loaded at 100 kg and a VENUS 2 M loaded at 102 kg.The OMEGA 8 25 is a little lazy in climbing in those weak thermals.

CLIMB RATE (in strong thermals):
The OMEGA 8 climbs very beautifully,like a spring.It has to do with the aspect ratio of those gliders USPORT, GTO, OMEGA 8,that they climb quickly upward.But i have noticed that the OMEGA 8 is a competition glider with excellent glide rather than a floater with excellent climb .The GTO M is more of a floater than the OMEGA 8 25.

At trim speed ,the Omega 8 is similar to the Peak ,GTO M. At first bar,it has very good glide with a stable profile and very easy and manageable speed bar.May be the GTO M has the edge but i think they are very close with a difference of ± 0.1 in glide at 46 km/h .