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Sunday, May 21, 2023

UP Summit X S/M 75-100

UP Summit X   size S/M  75-100

The Summit X is the new high EN-B from UP.   A mix of Skytex and Dominico is used on this glider, with edelrid lines. 

The overall construction looks excellent.  

The shape of the nose is similar to its bigger sister the Trango-X as are the openings, risers, etc. It looks exactly like the Trango-X but with a lower aspect ratio.

Launching the Summit -X even in nil wind is easy, without any hard points.  In windy take-offs, The Summit X behaves quite calmly, no surging forward, and without any issues for the high B pilot.  Overall smooth to inflate.

I flew the Summit X with different loadings, to find that at 94..95 is optimum for that size. It flies well also at 92. No need to fly it near the max. The same goes for the Trango-X. 

Both are best flown 5-6 kg less than the top weight for overall performance and feel. 

At 94 all up, I felt that the Summit X was well loaded with a very high compact and homogenous feel! Despite the Aspect ratio of 5.87, the Summit X felt comfortable to fly!

 In the air the overall movements are moderate and quite nice under that Summit X. It felt just slightly more comfortable than the Maestro 2 in turbulence and needed slightly more pilot control than a Swift 6 for example. 

The brake pressure is moderate on the first 10-15 cm after the 10 cm gap, and I could steer the glider immediately in any thermal with a very nice linear feel, and excellent agility! 

The feedback comes from both risers and brakes in a dream blend! I think UP found the perfect handling recipe. The Summit X shares the very nice brake authority of its bigger sister the Trango-X. 

When encountering thermals, the Summit X gently pulls you inside a thermal! What a precious feel especially under a high B glider.  Flying through a moving airmass is a delight as the Summit X feels like wanting to catch the surrounding lifts!  The brakes give you a high authority of control with a glider that responds well to every pulled centimeter. A real delight to fly! 

I flew the Summit X next a totally brand new and loaded Swift 6 in thermals, transitions, and glide at speed, and for sure will update my B comparison for the needed details. Climbing in very weak air next to the reference  Swift 6 in that matter showed us that the Summit X will stay very competitive all the time. When thermals are slightly more powerful, the Summit X climbs impressively well matching the best ones in that category.  This climbing efficiency coupled with that beautiful behaving character of sliding through thermals enables the Summit X to be very competitive. 

Later we did lots of glides at trim and top speed.  The Summit X hands up, at 94 all up, has around 2 km faster trim speed than the loaded Swift 6!  The top speed is also 2 km/h over the Swift 6.   

I’m convinced that the glide at trim and at full speed resembles the new 3-liner C-class gliders!  It has indeed a very efficient glide at trim and at max speed. 

The C riser bar controls well the angle of the glider while on the bar with moderate pressure. 

Ears are stable, efficient, and a good way to lose altitude.  They reopen quickly. 


UP was cooking a secret recipe underground without no one noticing their intentions!  :-) 

Their new creations have been released! The Trango X and now the Summit X. Both are born with the same genes, and targeted for the intended group of pilots.

I think, the overall feel and educational feedback for a high B,  are such a delight under Summit X. 

This overall package of performance, the pleasure of handling, climbing, and glide is impressive! 

So, in my personal view, I think Summit X joins the elite club of super high B’s!  

A must to test fly if you are looking into that class, and best flown at their optimum weight range.