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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ozone Alpina 2 SM

OZONE Alpina 2 SM

Launching :
I don’t think it could get easier than that !! The lighter cloth helps positively with the glider lift. The Delta 2 was easy, the Alpina 2 is even easier !

In the air :
I flew the D2 SM often to confirm that the feeling under the Alpina 2 SM is ‘different’
How different ?
On the SM size i could feel that the Delta 2 liked to cut through thermals and it felt like a more compact solid glider going slightly positive searching the thermals, where on the Alpina 2 is more like a softer glider with neutral reactions when entering a thermal with a pitch zero response…

In fact the Alpina 2 moves a bit on its extremities a little more than a Delta 2 which moves more as a whole. Despite having slightly more roll movements in the air than the Delta 2, it has a softer reaction to turbulence.

The handling with similar loadings is a bit or should i say slightly less sharp than a delta 2 .It is very reactive to brake input but with a small dive in turns. So another approach a bit different than a D2 in turning is required by braking a bit the other side.
However the climbs are still brilliant…

Gliding on the Alpina 2 gives it’s passenger a pillow feel…Where the Delta would feel more rigid, the Alpina 2 looks like a soft cotton ball. ( I am being picky because they practically are the same gliders with different cloth) And there’s a difference !

Two years ago when i tested the Delta 1 and the Alpina 1, the sharper one was the Alpina 1.
Now the sharper feel comes more from the Delta 2, rather than the Alpina 2.

Gliding power is there ! It floats nicely in the air.

Big ears are stable, but slightly less than a D2 and open also slightly faster.

Slow speed characteristics are also found exactly on the Alpina 2.

Conclusion :
Similar performance and lighter. As i am a handling freak, may be i am toward the sharper feel and efficient handling of the Delta 2, but the Alpina 2 delivers the same amount of superb performance with a lighter package. 

Update: After some flights,i realized that the Alpina 2 has a slight better climb rate than the Delta 2 SM with same loadings.