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Monday, February 19, 2018

SOL X-Light 2 (Harness) Size L

SOL X-Light 2 size L (Harness)

After test flying some light harnesses with and without seat board, here’s the X-light 2 from SOL with a good solid seat board. The construction seems good, and much better than previous Sol harnesses. The pod looks like the 720 gr of the Forza (to give you an idea) 
The straps on the pod will keep it firmly closed. The cockpit is bit small (Like Ozium 2 one) but is very well placed at a good visual angle, and with a secure system in the back to keep your instruments locked at one angle without moving. 

Test flying harnesses is even more difficult than test flying wings. Our body shapes differs a lot ! From long legs…to wide, larger bodies..or slimmer ones…there’s a big gap in measurements, yet only 3-4 sizes for any harness for all manufacturers, which are especially focused on pilots height. That’s why, some little adjustments ‘if possible’ are always needed to fit our bodies exactly into a certain harness for longer and more comfortable flights. 

The SOL X-light 2 in size L was perfect for my 1-81 cm and 73 kg. But i had to do lots those small but easy changes to make it super comfortable for my body shape ! 
Bear with me those uncomplicated small changes, and read the conclusion further down  :-)

The seat-board was very large ! I did of course cut the seat-board to reach 34 cm in width. It did fit nicely without putting any pressure on the lower back protection. The sitting pad on top of the seat-board is really thin and was quite stiff for a thin pilot… Adding a small padding 25cm X 30 cm of an old sport mattress (1 cm thick) underneath was optimum !  Actually i paste it on the upper part of the seat board. 
If you have a seat board with a front leaning down edge, that would be optimum. 

The original attachment points of the pod were connected in two places. From the seat board till the front lower foot rest. From the carabiners till the upper front foot rest.

I added a line from the carabiners to the lower foot rest from each side.  (Very easy to do)

After those changes and fine tuning of the actual different back adjustment straps, the conclusion was that this is the first “seat-board” harness with my feet in straight position ‘completely supported’  with no pressure on the legs!  And the pod had a clean degree of inclination into the airflow, for the best gliding position. 
If i wanted to give a rating for back comfort and considering the Impress 3, Forza with a 8/10 rating, i would give the X-light 2  a 7/10.  

The harness delivers medium roll response, similar to the Genie lite 2 and slightly less than the Lightness 2. There are adjustment on the ABS system, for tightening if the pilot wishes. On the standard adjustment it feels quite nice and agile in delivering a precise ,neat turning radius with good weight shifting capabilities. I cannot say that this is the most stable harness in roll, like the Exoceat, or even the X-rated 6, GTO, but it’s slightly more stable than the Lightness2, Impress 3 ! 

One thing: I would have wished for a more stiffer material in the back support area from the lumber till the shoulders, which could keep the harness as a little more solid piece, like the Impress 3, lightness 2, Forza.
The X-light2 back would slightly move down by a cm. even if the shoulder straps are well adjusted.

Conclusion: After my small adjustments, I liked that harness. It has a nice roll feedback, comfortable enough on the seating position, very small packing ability, weights around 4 kg, ability to place a beamer easily, and all the features with a large place for 5 kg water ballast underneath the seat, good storage area, camel back, water release system, adjustable ABS.