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Friday, December 24, 2010



Here are some questions to the designer of SKY-COUNTRY , Alexey Rakov.

1- (Dust of the universe) The Evo X 24 is a comp glider. Why did you certify it?
(Alexey Rakov) Because we felt, that it's possible after making our own tests(in Turkey in Oludeniz) and after first competitions. And we found that it is very interesting to try to certify such glider

2- (DOTU)Now it is the first 7.3 aspect ratio with certification, with even one EN-D on frontal accelerated. How did you manage that?

(AR)We didn't make anything special for this, we just wanted to make not very complex for the pilot competition glider. EvoX is built on the same design principles, as Mystic-2, and, as you know, Mystic-2 is very safe wing for it's class too. Mystic-2-26 is EN C with a/r 6.5.But we've made special risers with reduced accelerator speed for certification, because with it's own risers EvoX flies almost 70 km/h and collapses on that speed are very dynamic.

3-(DOTU) Is the Evo X recommended to fly at the top or at medium weight? What ‘s the optimum flying weight?

(AR)Medium weight is better, on the top it's sometimes difficult to climb in weak conditions. For EvoX-24 optimum is 90 kg.

4-(DOTU)Do you think that all the sizes could pass easily the certification like the 24?

(AR)I think, they could, but I'm not sure about how easy..

5- (DOTU)How many hours /year a pilot must have to fly it safely? and what sort of pilots the EVO-X is designed for ?
(AR)100-150 hours/year, 400 hours of total flight time

6- (DOTU)What are the differences that a Mystic 2 pilot would feel when he flies the EVO-X?

(AR)More movements of the wing, more info about the air, and more movements with both hands

7- (DOTU)Is the Evo X to be considered as a first comp glider?

(AR)Yes, it was designed as first competition glider, even before we decided to certify it

8- (DOTU)What about the lines? Do they need to be replaced after 100 hours? Or checked?

(AR)Main level lines have to be replaced after 100 hours, other levels after 200 hours.

9- (DOTU)It is known that gliders with aspect ratio above 7 tend to cravat after a collapse. What’s the EVO-X like?

(AR)Of course, cravats are possible, but the possibility is not so big - there are no rigid elements inside the wing.
And statistics is good

10- (DOTU)What’s your philosophy on true performance?

(AR)Philosophy - we like, to let the pilot feel safe even on competition glider. We do not want to produce a wing, that has too short brake travel, dive seriously after stall and is very easy to collapse on full speed. Even if that one will fly very good

We have now in production a new competition glider "Space" . It is 2-liner with a/r 7.7, and plastic inserts on the leading edge.


Hope that this will give a small idea. Still waiting for Santa...Hope that he won't be late .;-)

I'll try to always ask the manufacturers questions about the tested gliders in question ,that pilots usually will ask.
Awaiting the glider impatiently for a full test with video comparisons VS GTO, and I'll write my own impressions ... Merry Christmas everyone :-) .