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Monday, April 4, 2011

GIN Sprint EVO S (80-100)

After leaving EDEL in 1997,Gin founded his own factory GINGLIDERS and with the success of the Boomerang 1, he has made lots of head turning toward the brand. Hans Bollinger world champion at the time (Ex-ADVANCE ) has left to join GINGLIDERS.
Some years back, we could see 9 boomerangs on the top 10 .
Over the years, too many futuristic designs have emerged, from some legend designers who are pilots and passionate for the sport and one of those is Gin himself.

Unpacking the Sprint Evo, will surely lift your eyebrows. For an EN-B glider, it has plastic inserts on the leading edge and also on the trailing edge !
Big cells are clearly seen. It has four risers, and has five attachment points a,b,c,d,e
on the canopy !.
Knowing that all other designers has gone to the three-line concept, I was curious to see what this glider would be like in performance versus the best EN-B of the moment.

The test:
Launching couldn’t be easier. Hands in the pocket style ;-)

Quickly airborne, and first turn………My smile has even passed the ear to ear comment!
What a turn! With a moderate to light pressure, crispy, prompt, linear response, it is the most beautiful feeling of turn in the EN-B category I have flown for a long time.
The glider cores incredibly the thermals like working with a screwdriver.
For my personal taste, the handling is the most important quality in a glider, and the Sprint EVO fulfilled my expectations for superb handling.

To add to this feeling an excellent climb rate is putting the EVO on top of the stack!
The climb rate is more than efficient and I have still to believe it….I think it has the edge for the EN-B category I have just tested. May be because a good pilot can place it in a surgical way whenever, wherever he wants, with the ability to brake and slow the glider in the air.

The Sprint moves in roll a bit less than the Mentor 2 and a bit more than the Rush 3.
The accelerator is soft and when pushing it, the glider is more taught stable and fast.

The performances seem very interesting especially on bar !, but I need more time to evaluate it, and videos will come soon.