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Saturday, June 1, 2024

GIN Camino 2 size S- 85-100 ( A ‘different' Bonanza 3 !! )

GIN Camino 2  size S- 85-100  ( A ‘different' Bonanza 3 !! ) 

After reviewing the Bonanza 3 here’s the test flight of the Camino 2 in the same size. I flew the Camino 2 with the Impress 4 harness at 97 all up. 
Launching the Camino 2 is easy for a light 2-liner C glider. 
Details: In nil wind, the Camino 2 needs a slight but steady pull to lift it up, as there’s pressure on the A’s, slightly more than similar light gliders. But still quite simple to launch. 
In +10 km/h wind, it goes evenly with that exact same pressure. In + 30 km/h wind nothing changes, the same pressure and a steady pull with no overshooting or fast surges.  The Camino 2 S kept the same launching characteristics which I think is a plus. 

 New feel: In the air, I was immediately stunned by the very high calmness of that glider. While the air is turbulent with gliders around trying to keep their gliders overhead, it seems that the Camino 2 is flying in another (Gin planet)! 
The structure feels very taught and homogenous, with a high comfort feel, without being spongy or dull at all! For a 2-liner light C, this is actually unreachable yet in terms of feel and comfort. It resembles the Bonanza 3 ‘only’ in that matter.
I flew the Camino 2 S quite often at 95 to 98 all up, and delayed a lot the test, just to be sure what I was about to write because I thought it would sound weird…

Unlike the Bonanza 3 feel and efficiency, I am now 100 % convinced that the Camino 2 despite having the same numbers on paper, feels very different from the Bonanza 3 in its flying capabilities.  I really don’t know the answer to that! 
The Camino 2 S at 97 cuts through the air exactly like a fast train on rails. No structure movements, but still efficient going forward. Flying next to other C’s like the Artik-R, and Photons, I felt that I was in the same league, with that slight extra float-ability in some disorganized thermals. 
In turbulence and strong thermals, there is enough time to control the Camino 2 S. The reactions of the glider felt slightly less dynamic than the Volt5/Photon/Artik-R/Trango-X… The Camino 2 S is as comfortable as the Bonanza 3 with extras!
Saying that, the brake travel is on the moderate to slightly hard side in turbulent air where you need that extra pull to keep it overhead. 
With a moderate turn but quite acceptable agility to my personal taste, the Camino 2 seems to be the most efficient one to grab and hold the thermals.  The brakes deliver a high authority to place the Camino 2 inside thermals. 

The climb rate is incredibly good! One day, I flew next to my usual friends on Photons, Artik-R, Mystic, and Milo on a Boom 12 M, and the Camino 2 was climbing very well keeping up easily with the 2-liner C class. 

Next to a Boomerang 12 M, and in strong thermals, the Camino 2 has a neutral pitch with a positive attitude in embracing the thermals. It gets quickly inside the core and delivers a high authority on the brakes to steer it precisely inside the strong part of the lift.  Of course, once the thermals are sharper the Boom 12 has a clear advantage, but inside the 2-liner C category, and for the same size, the Camino 2 S is a very good climber.  

I did long glides in moving air and later in calm air next to the gliders I mentioned. I felt that at 97 the Camino 2 has a 1 km/h faster trim speed than a Photon MS at 95, or an Artik-R 26( 90-105) at 105.  The glide is among the top five C’s. 
The float ability however is among the best ones. 

The max speed is similar to the Photon MS. I did update my C comparison. Ears need a slight application to get them, but a stable way to get down. 

Conclusion: I am waiting for the Camino 2 XS size 70-90 to share my findings later. 
As for the Camino 2 S, I felt the optimum weight is around 96…97 kg. Perhaps in strong air and competitions, 100 could be your ticket to a podium!  It may not be the most dynamic, and perhaps slightly hard on the brakes, but that overall compact structure is delivering higher grades in most parts. 
High comfort, good glide angle, very good climb rate, good speed, handles smoothly, doesn’t lose much when hitting sinking air.  
Any good high B pilot wishing to step into that category or any C or D pilot searching for an interesting 2-liner C must test fly the Camino 2.