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Thursday, June 20, 2024

FLOW Mystic S

And here's the new 2 liner in the C class from Flow. The Mystic is their new 2-liner C glider.
Semi-light construction with Dyneema risers. The manufacturer's website was not yet online when I published this review.
Launching the Mystic in no wind is straightforward. In 20 km/h wind, it is also very easy without any hard points.
In the air, the brake authority is nice for the pilot with moderate to light pressure and also moderate to short travel. The pressure is slightly more than the Fusion, and the travel is also shorter. There’s a big difference In brake authority over the Fusion which gives the Mystic very nice and direct turning abilities. In thermals, I found that I could place that glider inside any core easily, and the Mystic gave me a pleasurable feel in handling.

Flying the Mystic:

I flew the Mystic at 93 all up.
The Mystic delivers more roll than the Fusion with the same pitch stability. In roll, it resembles the Trango X feedback. The structure moves slightly in itself. It doesn’t feel like a monobloc like the Camino 2, Codex, or Mint. More like the Trango-X in feedback. A Fusion pilot will find that a little more active control is needed on the Mystic.

I remember that Flow mentioned, the first Mystic prototypes were difficult to induce collapses for the certification bodies.
I think in order to pass the C certification for a specific 'collapse angle', Flow decided to re-tuned the Mystic in that matter. The other side of a certification class is to insert a glider inside a limited box.
The certified version has soft tips and in turbulent conditions, they tend to collapse without any consequences. They open without any course change.
Probably after some hours a pilot would get used to them by understanding their excitement by clapping Smile

Climbing and gliding:
Climbing next to my reference gliders, I think the Mystic will share the 5 top places in that matter. It has a very good climb in the weak, and in the strong. The handling helps a lot by putting the Mystic inside the most lift.
The Fusion had long brake and late reactions. The Mystic handling is highly enhanced.

Gliding next to my reference gliders showed me that the Mystic has good gliding properties.
Example: Camino 2 XS and Mystic S share the same glide at half the speed bar. My 2 liner C comparison is updated.

Ears are easily doable in the B3 lines, and they reopen fast. Wing-overs build up quickly.
Top speed is around +15 km/h over trim.

Conclusion: The Mystic is an enhancement over the Fusion regarding the gliding through a difficult airmass. This profile gets easily through and surfs forward much better. The handling also is a high enhancement and more pleasurable to fly.
The softer tips could be a bit annoying for some, others will get used to them, or there’s a possibility that they could go away after +20 hours hours… No one will know under those new 2 liners how they will change after some hours.
That’s why flying them +20 to 40 hours will fine-tune them Smile

Happy flights,