Wednesday, April 6, 2011


After the success of the Ozone R-10 series, a big majority of pilots were waiting impatiently for the birth of the M 4. Knowing also that OZONE has a very efficient marketing team, the M4 was keeping almost every interested pilot wondering what the M 4 would be like.
After I tested the Delta, l knew it was on top of its class, but I lately realized that it was the easiest one to handle, and has that comfortable feeling that could be mellower than some new EN-B’s.
I was impatiently waiting for the M4, to see if that feeling of comfort is still on the OZONE menu. And it came….
Plastic inserts on the leading edge, much like the Delta construction, which look a very simple and nice finish.
Heavy rain and high winds kept the Mantra 4 in a bag for a week.
Some kiting in strong wind and soaring gave me an idea of a very homogenous and balanced glider.

Today was promised to be good so I am standing on take off ballasted up to 100 kg on the ML size, with my usual flying friends.
Conditions of the day were a bit windy and turbulent at the beginning and smooth at the end with nice thermals up to 5m/s and high ceilings.

Take off is easy, and needs a bit of brakes to stop the smooth forward surge.

The brakes are a bit long and the feedback is felt by the brakes and sometimes by the harness in a “smooth” way.
Inside the thermals the glider have very different behavior. With the Impress 2 at ± 50 cm open chest, I could find that:

-In the strong “smooth” ones, the glider enters them quickly and climb like a devil, but “peacefully” .The turns in those conditions are very nice and you feel like the glider is leaning toward the thermal .A touch of brake is needed at the opposite side and the glider can turn on a dime. I felt that is better not to break much the other side, so when I let it fly, I felt that it cores best, unlike the Delta that needs a bit of brakes to climb best.
- In the strong but turbulent thermals, the glider needs to settle a bit before I could turn it. It is not that precise to my wing loading. But in this configuration the glider is the most comfortable glider in the EN-D category I did test to this day. It is like you are driving a “Limousine” and it shows to my eyes a real genius behind those very performing and comfortable gliders.
-In moderate broken thermals, I felt that the glider is waiting for me to react .It is like watching over me and not going anywhere. It remains inside the bubble waiting to be smoothly steered into it. And this is very efficient because it won’t go away and dive beyond the thermal.
-In weak thermals, at my weight it could be very efficient also. But I am satisfied and more of that will come soon…

NOW are you all waiting for the performance comparisons? ;-)
We did many glides into wind with the Boom GTO M loaded at 105 (Video in process soooon !) and F I N A L Y, I found a better gliding ability for the Mantra 4 that is visible to the eye!!
I felt that it was the first time I am flying a glider who felt ridiculously easy to fly for an EN-D, but has a comfortable advantage in performance.

The trim speed of the M4 ML loaded at 100 kg is faster than the GTO M loaded at 105 !

The M 4 is a glider that floats better into wind .The accelerator is smooth and efficient at first and second bar, pulley to pulley fully usable!
Big ears are stable and easy to induce. They reopen by themselves.
I have landed and felt like I was awake after a yoga class. “Serene”

More tests will be soon made with lots of videos. But I can confirm that OZONE has done a sublime job with the M4.

Conclusion: OZONE has done it! Comfortable, top performer, easy to manage, well-balanced glider!
My only wish is that the brake travel could be made shorter, more precise like the R10 to be able to core every mosquito thermal promptly. But i am very happy to have flown and tasted this beautiful powerful and yet humble glider.


Waiting to get the MS size for a test flight soon.




  1. Cant wait!! I bought mine M4, but will arrive just in June. =/
    Good flights Ziad!

    Eduardo P de Sousa

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  3. Smoother but not so reactiv like Vénus 2 ?
    Better than GTO (previous best sérial)?

  4. Hi ,
    Yes...More dampened and comfortable than the Venus 2
    and better into wind glides performance than the GTO.


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