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My ever first school glider 20 year ago was a UP Flash. I still remember the red cloth with multicolor design on the edge, that feeling and that smell of the tissue with this arrow logo going UP in the sky. Uli Weismeyer legend pilot ,Richard Gallon were on UP gliders at the time and the brand was very strong in the competition scene with their Katana ‘s and later on with the Gambit, escape with Oli Russell, Steiglar ,Brinkeby...

I flew quite all the UP range, from Stellar, Vision, vison classic, Soul. All the Summit range ,nearly all the Kantega range,and trango’s and targa’s and all the tandems…

The firm feeling under an UP is very familiar to my mind.
Now here’s the Summit XC2 ,and I’m just waiting to pull on the A risers.
Ballasted up to 100 ±102 on the M size with an Impress 2 harness, the launching is natural and easy, the glider comes up as a whole piece.
At first the factory settings on the brakes was long, I landed and shortened them a bit.

From the moment I was airborne, a sensation of confidence inspiring is clearly showed. I was impressed by the easiness in flight of the XC2. Very tamed with neat behavior, well-tensioned and balanced glider. Just the necessary feedback to show the thermal direction.

First turn showed a medium brake pressure, with fair agility, but doesn’t dive in turns.
Opening the chest strap a bit will make this glider very nimble and more agile. Turns are flat and the climb is its strong point. This glider is a killer in weak conditions. It can core every bubble without loosing the center of the thermal.
In strong conditions, the glider remains as a whole, and climb without any strange movements or oscillations. It is difficult to miss any thermal with this glider, unless you have some convincing excuse ;-) .

I gave the XC 2 to my friend Moni, and when he landed he told me that the XC2 is “much more” mellower and easier to fly than the Mentor 2 EN-B glider. I agree.

Big ears are easy to hold, stable and reopen by themselves. The glide ratio of the XC2 is well enough among the EN-C category.

The accelerator has medium pressure, much like the Trango 3, and the speed really increases by more than 5 km at first bar! Very usable and efficient.

Actually the overall feeling under it reminded me strongly of the UP range designs I have flown before…

Conclusion: This glider is aimed for all EN-B pilots who want to step into the EN-C category, but still having a large amount of safety and I think it could be also much easier to fly than some!!
EN-D pilots stepping down will find in the XC2 a quiet sanctuary to fly long xc’s wondering if they are on a sofa or in the air. :-)





  1. Hello Ziad,

    can you comment on the speed (and glide) at trim and full bar. A comparison with Ozone Delta (or some other glider) would be nice.



  2. Hi Peter,
    Yes.More comparisons and videos next week...

  3. Hi Ziad
    I like your work very much; thanks a lot!
    You compared the XC2 with the M4 in a short glide. How was the wind-situation? Have you had head or tail wind?
    I'm actually fly a peak1 but I'm looking for more comfort in flight for long XC-flights.

    I wish you good flights & lots of fun

  4. Hi Thomas,
    Thank you.In the glide we had a 5 km head wind.The XC2 is a very comfortable glider to fly.After the Peak 1 ,you will see a huge difference of improved comfort in the air,and much better handling.
    Of course it will remain en EN-C glider in terms of into wind performance,but its easiness in flight will make you smile all the way through all your XC's.

  5. Hi Ziad
    You're fast! I will test fly also M4 ms and AirDesign Pure ms. Looking for your final report to the M4 ms.


  6. Hi Ziad

    thanks for your reviews. They are great.
    I have one suggestion for review/test.
    Let us take a previous generation EN D wing. I am familiar with Axis so let us take the Axis Venus 2. I noticed that you were very satisfied with the wing so the reason for the choice.
    Can you compare Axis Venus 2 (previous generation EN D) with the ozone delta or Summit XC2(current generation EN-C). Of course one can make a general comparison (speed, sink, glide) but what I am mostly interested in is the strong head wind performace.


  7. Hi Peter,
    I like your suggestion...From the end ,the Venus 2 EN-D is still more efficient "in strong head wind glides" than any EN-C I have tested until this moment.It could be 100 % harder to keep the accelerator pushed ,but it will still be biting forward "only" in those particular conditions.

  8. Hi Ziad

    thanks for reply.
    So if I get it correctly you are saying that based on your experience in strong head wind the Venus 2 is still more efficient (interesting to see how much) than any current EN-C BUT in other conditions this is not true anymore?

  9. Hi Peter,
    The profile of the Venus 2 is still efficient in strong head wind to penetrate better and climb when meeting a weak thermal better than most EN-C gliders i have tested.The difference is small ,but i could sense the easiness of cutting through inside those conditions,and on the same ones some NEW EN-C gliders still make a stop or stuck in head wind conditions when meeting a weak thermal.In strong thermals there's no problem,but with broken ones and when you really need to cut and climb those difficult conditions ,the Venus 2 still shines.

  10. Hi Ziad

    thank you very much for your comment. You made a clear and nice explanation of the point.

    Let me encourage you to continue with your reviews as they provide invaluable information for many of us.


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