Thursday, December 24, 2009

SOL TORCK (80-98) KG

After flying the TORCK for a while at 96 all up , here what I found.

The SOL TORCK is made from Gelvenor, which make the glider as little heavy. The front part of the wing is made from light gelvenor, so you can feel quickly the difference in weight between the front and the heavy back of the glider.

The lines are made of Kevlar lines unsheathed on the top, and main treated vectran lines.

Launching the glider in nil wind would need much energy, to get the glider overhead. In moderate wind it is a pleasure to launch, and in strong wind it is an advantage to have that characteristic.

Once in the air the glider inspire confidence .Comfortable ride is on the menu, only if you have your total weight near upper limit. Then you will enjoy a very smooth and really cool ride .The glider has the tendency to eliminate parasite movement of the air without being too dampened.

First thermal and brake applied opened my eyes to a new dimension of turning behavior! The glider is exquisite! It cores the thermals with such easiness and coring power like no other. This glider is built to thermal. Very easy to stay in the core and what a pleasure….!

At trim speed the TORCK is not that fast, less than the VENUS 2 by 1.5~2 km/h .It could reach 38.5 km/h. The glide at that angle is really good (In calm air) .When using first bar, I could nearly match the glide of the VENUS 2.It is really close.
In head wind glides and turbulent condition, the VENUS 2 is unreachable and it cuts better and goes much further.

I felt when hitting a thermal that the glider would stop or even get behind a little bit than move forward. That fraction of sec is the one that let the TORCK little behind. But this is something a pilot can adjust by pulling the accelerator all the time. And pushing the accelerator is fun. The glider keeps on rail and very controllable in this situation.

In the weak stuff without any turbulence or headwind, the TORCK is a thermal beast. You cannot miss any thermal. It is very efficient and climb really well.
Spirals and wingovers and fun and easy to make.

The glider can be slowed down to an accurate landing.

Conclusion: The TORCK dhv 2-3 gets a very clean dhv, as you would thought it is near a dhv 2 glider .The induce asymmetric collapses and frontals are benign and very easy to handle.

Excellent job on performance and great "teddy bear" glider if you are on the upper limit.

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