Wednesday, March 6, 2019

BGD Riot S

BGD Riot S
Taking off is super easy with the light cloth. First turn showed a very agile glider, with swift, direct handling.  If i want to compare it with my new reference, the Swift 5 S, i can say it has a slightly more agile feel in turns. 
Overall, very agile and pleasure to steer.
The brake pressure are similar to the Swift 5. 
The climbing properties, in weak or strong, with a Swift 5 S fully loaded for both, i can sense that the Swift 5 climbs are a step higher. 

 Doing some glides with my reference glider, showed a higher trim speed for the Riot by nearly 2km/h ! So the Riot is faster at trim. At full bar, they have similar top speed. 
The glide angle is nice for the Riot, and its loosing slightly to the Swift 5, which remain at the top of the B category.  At full bar also after many glides of 4 to 5 km run, the Riot S comes slightly around 10 meter lower. 
Not really important, and still good gliding properties. Overall the Riot has a nice glide angle in the B category.
Conclusion: Light, fast at trim, agile, pleasurable to fly, good glide performance. That’s what describes best the BGD Riot S.

This is only my opinion. Make your own !

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