Wednesday, March 6, 2019


Ozone Buzz Z6 SM
I flew the Buzz Z6 75-95 at 92 all up. 
The launch behavior is better than the Buzz Z5. The glider does not pitch forward on take off. 
First turn felt a mellower Buzz. This version seems easier to manage than the Z5. The climb rate in weak and strong is very good. Climbing next to a Rush 5 shows me a very competitive climbing behavior. 
The agility is good for the low B category. Overall it seems more friendly user with less movements inside the thermals than the Z5. 
Doing some glides in moving air, showed me that the glide angle is of course not similar to the Rush 5..but still competitive enough for the low B category. 
ears are stable, top speed is fully usable. The glide angle at full speed seems more efficient than the Z5. At full speed the glide remain quite interesting. 

Conclusion: A stable, mellow, easy to fly low B glider for the majority of low airtime pilots. More than enough glide and climb for that category. The Z6 is a more ‘friendly user’ glider than the Z5 with the glide at speed improved. 
This is only my opinion. Make your own !

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