Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GIN Atlas S

GIN Atlas S

On the 23rd I was on our flying site ‘Mezyara’ flying a Mentor 3 with superb XC conditions…

Our driver and friend came directly from the airport to the take off and I knew that I have to turn back to the take off after some nice XC flying because the Atlas S is waiting!

I landed switched glider and harness to be at 91 all up at the Atlas S and here I am airborne.

Launching is a piece of cake, and immediately generous conditions and first thermal made my smile wide enough to reach my ears ! 

I have test flew 2 years ago the Sprint Evo,and the Atlas was something very different in a much more positive way…

I am a ‘handling’ freak! and turning this jewel is an experience of a life time!

It has been ages since I found that crispy, direct ,linear handling on a B glider!

I think the two recent tested gliders were a blessing, a EN-C just before and now the Atlas S for its ‘unlimited pleasure feel’ overwhelmed me.

I was flying next to my friend on the Chili 3 S at 98 all up, and we did some long XC flights next to each other, and that was a much more realistic test.

I have to write more about handling…The Atlas can make turns inside any new B glider I have already tested! It can turn on itself J Really impressive!

In the air the feeling under the Atlas is joyful. It does give its pilot the exact amount of feedback without too many parasitic movements. It has some pitch and roll movements but still in a very small angles letting the pilot feels that he is on a very precise glider without being pushed around. A inspire confidence feeling .I can describe it as very well balanced, and surely it rests in the middle of the B category.

The Atlas has the tendency to slide into the thermals without being pushed away. It feels like pulling you ‘gently’ inside those cores with a positive vario.

The climb rate versus the best in the B category puts the Atlas really close in efficiency and I could confirm its excellent climb!

Gliding next to a ‘Top’ B glider in Xc conditions, with head wind, and down wind, the Atlas is never left behind as if they are stuck! At first bar the Atlas glide is also in par with the best. My friend and I were inseparable the whole flight.

The accelerator is soft and smooth, and can be pushed all along. The rear risers offer an efficient control in turbulent conditions and by pulling them gently the pilot can keep the Atlas on track.

Big ears are stable and effective. With the bar, a

-      4m/s can be achieved.


After the appearance of the impressive Boomerang 9, I was curious to see if that will affect the lower rated gliders.

There is surely a leap in technology somewhere and the Atlas has surely inherited it!

The pleasure and performance ratio is very high!

With its high-end performance, its sublime climb rate, its dream handling and its easiness of flight, the Atlas S sits on the middle of the B category, a complete B glider that will mark its path and will be often talked about!


Unknown said...

Hey Ziad,

nice description. My L sized Atlas just arrived and I am impatiently waiting for the weekend for the first testflights. Just do a little groundhandling and even that works very nice. The glider feels very light and smooth but direct at the ground. Very nice handling at all. I would be glad to see your videos.

Best regards

SemSem said...

Hey Ziad. I ask you to compare the atlas to an ion2.
Yours faithfully, Sergey

Ziad Bassil said...

Hi Andre,Thank you :-) Happy flights !

Ziad Bassil said...

Hi Sergey,The Atlas S is a bit more alive and have a nicer brake fan for turning.I think it is slightly more demanding to fly.

Unknown said...

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Jems Nichole said...

The information that you provided was thorough and helpful. I will have to share your article with others
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Lars said...

Hi Ziad, How would you compare the Atlas to the Hook 3?
Cheers, Lars